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Imaginarium Unveiled: The Emergence of Janine Mae Magbanua

  Janine Mae Magbanua, an emerging visual artist, explores her artistic identity through her creations. She understands the significance of self-awareness in navigating the intricate labyrinth of the art world. During her elementary school years, Magbanua had the chance to immerse herself in visual art. In fifth grade, she joined the Patik-Kulay Art Workshop, led by Renante Dublois, who remains her mentor to this day. "I persuaded my parents to let me participate in this workshop. I was fascinated by the art materials. The experience is unique when you've attended an art workshop," shares Janine. Magbanua always cherishes the wisdom imparted by her mentor, emphasizing the cultivation of humility within herself. Her mentor also advocated for the importance of investing in education. She participated in various art contests and served as an assistant to her mentor during art workshops at several schools in GenSan. These experiences reinforced her desire to pursue visual art

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