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Presenting as a professional artist

  Johanna Paula Dazo found her purpose when she started into mural painting. But it takes time for her vision to become completely realized. She considered abandoning visual art entirely,  but unexpectedly, it saved her from being depressed at one point of her life. Dazo grew up in an artistic family where everyone knows how to paint and enjoys the arts. She participated in art contests during her elementary school years. When Dazo was in high school at the Philippine Science High School in Davao City, she prioritized her studies over visual art. Dazo took up Industrial Pharmacy at the University of the Philippines (Manila). During her college years, she entertained herself with art by doing calligraphy in her spare time. "Being a student, you cannot afford calligraphy tools because they were expensive at that time. I tried watercolor and brush. I watched art videos to supplement my learning. Then I tried to use a brush pen. It took a long time to progress but I am happy for

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