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On winning my first Journalism Award

  Reflecting on my journey, my career as a writer began over a decade ago, following my college graduation. It was born from a desire to challenge the preconceived notions that my undergraduate degree could only lead to a career in teaching. While being a teacher is absolutely nothing wrong, I always felt a deeper calling. This, combined with my love for storytelling, guided me toward a different path. Upon graduating from college, I established my blog, capitalizing on the growing popularity of this platform at the time. While I may not have achieved the status of a social media millionaire as some might have anticipated, this venture unlocked many opportunities for me. It paved the way for my growth as a writer, a public relations specialist, and an advocate. The expansion of my network and the collaborations with various individuals and groups within the region were outcomes I had not initially anticipated, yet they have enriched my journey immeasurably. In this journey, I have be

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