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Local café advocates for quality coffee in Maitum town

  The Philippines has witnessed a coffee boom in recent years, with numerous coffee shops popping up across the nation. However, not all of these establishments promote quality coffee and support the local coffee farmers, who are vital to the industry. A local coffee shop in Maitum, a coastal town in Sarangani Province, has a vision to showcase the municipality's coffee production. Thirsty Tongue Café , owned and run by barista Mervin John Keith Reganit Sabarre, aims to help the coffee farmers in their community and educate his customers about quality coffee. Sabarre teamed up with Q Robusta Grader Raniele Cedrik De Vera, the owner of Sidenotes Coffee Co. , to organize the Maitum Coffee Connections  in his town on August 24, 2023. The event aimed to educate the stakeholders on coffee and to support local quality coffee. "The goal is to educate them that there is more to coffee than what they know. Coffee is already a part of our lives, and it should be of high quality if we

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