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Maitum young writer launches first children's book

  MAITUM, Sarangani (January 30, 2023) – One day, while swimming, Bangsi sees a turtle who is bleeding from the nose because of a stuck object. Bangsi helped the wounded turtle and asked him how did he get it. The turtle explained that he got it when he dove into the sea. Because of the turtle's ability to swim in and out of the water, Bangsi was encouraged to venture beyond the sea. This is the scene that Xaña Apolinar, 21, from Barangay Malalag in Maitum, established in her debut book, "Gusto Maglupad ni Bangsi." "Gusto Maglupad ni Bangsi" is a fictional children’s book written to exhibit the origin of the bangsi or flying fish’s ability to glide over the sea. Aside from the central theme of the book, which discusses the value of hard work in achieving one’s goals, it also has layers that introduce children to environmental protection. Apolinar considered the book as a portrait of her life. "Looking back, I always had a curious mind. Hindi ako makatalna (

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