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Reconnecting Through Art: The Polymer Clay Creations of Jessie Cris Falalimpa

  Jessie Cris L. Falalimpa is dedicated to authentically represents the culture of SOCCSKSARGEN through his polymer clay dolls. He prioritizes the integrity of traditional designs over contemporary trends. He chooses to preserve the originality of indigenous art forms rather than altering them for artistic license. "When presenting the culture of a specific tribe, it must be done with fidelity and respect. On a personal note, I refrain from altering indigenous designs, such as the Tnalak, to maintain their authenticity. This practice is a contentious issue among local designers in the region. I intend to honor the indigenous communities without offending," he says. Falalimpa integrates community immersion into his creative process when crafting his polymer clay dolls. He emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough research and engaging with knowledgeable individuals as a preliminary step in his artistic endeavor. Polymer clay is a versatile and user-friendly art medium,

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