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Empowering Communities through Culture: Michael Angelo Yambok's Impactful Work

  Michael Angelo “Yumi” Yambok states that being a cultural worker for the Tboli people is a family tradition. From his aunts and uncles to his grandparents and parents, he appreciates the profound impact it has had on their lives. He values the role of a cultural worker as someone who helps uplift their tribe. In the past, Yambok often felt a sense of exclusion during cultural events. He would attentively observe the activities of the Helobung Cooperative, a group of Tboli artisans, and feel a pang of inferiority due to his lack of artistic abilities. “Unlike my other family members, I had to accept that I don't possess the same skills. Whether it's dancing, playing musical instruments, chanting, or crafting handicrafts, I'm not naturally inclined towards any of these. I always felt as though I was being left behind,” he confesses. Yambok pursued a degree in community development at Santa Cruz Mission School Inc. in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. During his college years, he e

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