When Sparks Fly

   "Creativity is a process of developing and expressing novel ideas that are likely to be useful" --- this definition was given by Dorothy Leonard & Walter Swap in their book entitled 'When Sparks Fly: Harnessing the Power of Group Creativity'. This book is good for those leaders and managers who have difficulty in generating ideas and concepts  from their colleagues. What's good about this book is that it promotes group efforts. It discourages individualism   and highlights unity and solidarity. It presents myths about creativity. Myths like "creative output depends on a few, often flamboyantly different individuals" are a good eye opener that "intelligent few" are not only the player in an organization. As leader, according to the book, he/she should be fair, unbias, open, patient, smart, calm, not ego maniac, and can help his/her colleagues to spit out their ideas. The book also tackles Creative Process --- Preparation, Innovation, Generation of options, Incubation, and Convergence. This process is essential to help prosper an organization or a company. Unfortunately, some of the managers we encountered are self-centered and often use their title for their convenience. If only they could read this book. 

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