Balut Island Escapade (VLOG)

We had an awesome experience in the Municipality of Sarangani, province of Davao Occidental. Japhet, MJ, Prinz, Tito and I went to Balut and Sarangani Island, as well as the Olanivan Islet, not just to celebrate the 25th birthday of Carlyn (Japhet's girlfriend) but also to experience the beauty of the islands. 

Sarangani (comprises of Balut and Sarangani Islands, plus small islets) is the tourism gem of Davao Occidental. It is also worth to consider the province of Davao Occidental as one of the fastest growing provinces in the Philippines. The province has many plans for the municipality to help boost their economic activity. 

This year, they are drafting their tourism master plan. This plan will help for the preparation of the place to be one of the prime destinations of the south. Their municipality has so much to offer. If there are no proper management and protection of their best assets, it will transform this paradise into another ruined destination. 

We hope that the upcoming projects and programs for the municipality will be truly beneficial for the locals of the islands.

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