Hope for Palimbang Youth: An Interview with Mohaymin Mamadsual


Mohaymin Mamadsual

Mohaymin “Moe” Maulana Mamadsual is a 27-year-old youth from Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat province. He is a human rights activist and an advocate for youth empowerment. He is a member of Akbayan Youth and Amnesty International Philippines. 

He is the first child of Mr. And Mrs. Mohalidin and Bheng Mamadsual. He took his Bachelor Degree in Arts Major in English at MSU GenSan. He worked as Admin Aide IV at LGU Gensan from 2017 to 2018. He was also an admin staff at Sultan Kudarat State University-Palimbang from 2019 of January until July. He was a Legislative Researcher from August to December 2020. He is currently working as Private Secretary of Municipal Councilor Hon. Mark M. Siokon. 

Moe is the Prime Minister of Palimbang Youth Parliament. In an interview, he shares how he and his friends formed the youth organization and his hopes for his municipality. 

Yadu Karu: How is your New Year? 

Moe: It was quite fun and good. I spent the night with my friends, and of course, looking forward to better days this 2021. 

YK: Can you please share with us about your organization called Palimbang Youth Parliament? 

Moe: Well, Palimbang Youth Parliament (PYP) was convened on June 12, 2020. I organized it together with my fellow pioneering and co-founder members of PYP. We decided to push this youth organization to help our community and to empower the youth for nation-building. It all started with a conversation with my good friend Tristan Yusuf about the status quo of the youth in Palimbang. We compared the growth and development of young Palimbangeños to our neighboring municipalities and cities. We observed that we are left behind in terms of youth development and indifferent in terms of social action. Our frustrations suddenly converted into a proactive action to organize and mobilize for youth empowerment in our municipality. 

PYP is composed of different youth organizations but only two representatives from each group would represent their organization to the Parliament. The parliament has three positions (structure) only - (one) Prime Minister, (two) Deputy Prime Minister, and the rest are Members of the Parliament. The parliament is anchored to its principles, which promote democracy, equity, equality, humanism, internationalism, freedom, social justice, ecological socialism, and feminism. 

Palimbang youth is potential and brilliant. They are talented and promising young Palimbangeños. We just need to move them and let them discover their own unique innate power. 

Palimbang Youth Parliament

YK: So far, what are your projects that you have conducted? 

Moe: So far we have the “Commemoration of Malisbong Massacre: A Film-viewing Activity and Open Forum” in September 2020. During the storm surge in Palimbang we conducted “Kadtabanga: PYP Donation Drive for Storm Surge Evacuees”. We also conducted “Ako Ay IP: COVID-19 Awareness Program and Community Outreach”. We have the “Project EDUC.action: A Gadget Donation Drive” for our fellow youth who don’t have gadgets for their online classes. We have “150 pesos donation drive for Typhoon Ulysses Victims” and the Kadtatabanga Bazaar for-a-Cause for Typhoon Ulysses victims also in collaboration with LYDC of Palimbang. On the other hand, we are also the partner of LYDC at “ENVIAction Project: Coastal Clean-up Drive” at Medol Islet. 

YK: What motivates you to establish this organization? 

Moe: Well, as I said, the motivation comes from the lack of youth power and space in our municipality. Since we resided here, youth has been set aside specifically its welfare and agenda for youth development. I cannot just sit to let the youth becomes powerless and voiceless. PYP will claim the youth space and will secure youth welfare. 

Palimbang Youth Parliament

YK: Who are your partners and collaborators? 

Moe: In our different programs and projects, we collaborated with Local Youth Development Council, SKMF, LGU, and NGOs. 

YK: What are the challenges you have encountered so far? How did you overcome it? 

Moe: During this pandemic, it is the safety and security of our members and the assurance on how we can protect them from the virus because we conducted activities and gathered several people. Of course, we always follow strict health protocols. 

YK: What is the best thing about the group? 

Moe: The best thing about the group is the passion that gives fuel to the parliament. Each one of us especially the founding members wanted to make this organization successful in its endeavor. We want to multiply progressive youth leaders and to empower the young ones. 

Mohaymin Mamadsual

YK: What advice do you usually give to the youth? 

Moe: In whatever endeavor they want to push through, I always tell them – “just keep going. Keep moving and be progressive. Do not stop, and keep the fire burning. Just trust the process.” 

YK: What is the best advice you have received from a fellow youth leader? 

Moe: “Don’t stop and just make it happen. Ignore the negative comments, and focus on your plans.” 

YK: What are your plans for 2021? 

Moe: 2021 is exciting. PYP has many plans to be implemented and one of these is the launching of the first ever youth leadership academy in our province – ‘PYP Leadership Academy’, which aims to equip our youth leaders to become more effective and progressive. 

Palimbang Youth Parliament

YK: What do you hope for Palimbang? 

Moe: I have so much hope for our municipality and that keeps me believing that I have to organize, mobilize, and inspire my fellow youth leaders to claim the space allotted for the youth and advance the youth agenda. It is for the betterment of Palimbang Youth and the community. 

In these trying times, we should not stop reaching our goals and dreams because stopping means giving up. We can rest but never stop. PYP’s vision is to mold effective and progressive youth leaders. What we did are examples of the process that we will take to show to our municipality (or the region in general) that the youth can have a meaningful contribution to the community. We have a pool of talented and promising young people who will be the future of our municipality. As we took the challenge, we believe that we could do this together, as we battling against the COVID-19. We can make it happen if we do and fight for it together. I hope that the youth of Palimbang will be given a chance to advance its agenda for the welfare of the people.