MunaTo 2022 showcases Moro cultures, aside from IPs


MunaTo 2022 showcases Moro cultures, aside from IPs

ALABEL, Sarangani Province (November 29, 2022) – This year’s 20th celebration of the MunaTo Festival had showcased the different cultures and traditions of the Moro communities in Sarangani.

This, Jehanna T. Pelima, Ronda Probinsya Kalinaw Program manager, said made the different Moro tribes in the province felt their presence is “important.”

She linked this also during the opening of the Moro Pagingadan or Moro cottages on November 25 when Governor Rogelio D. Pacquiao accepted the challenge to be the “Protector of Sarangani,” and enthroned as Datu Wali.

“Naga-believe ang mga Moro community nga si gov, protektahan ug tabangan ang tibuok Sarangani,” Pelima said.

MunaTo is a coinage of Blaan words which means “first people,” is held annually to pay tribute to the Indigenous Peoples, but this time, “the Moro Tribes were recognized and featured in the celebration,” Pelima said during the culmination program of the Moro Pagingadan on November 28.

MunaTo 2022 showcases Moro cultures, aside from IPs

Moro Pagingadan showcased the Moro houses and the cultures of the different tribes in Sarangani.

“Gi-ipon nato karon ang tanang Moro tribes sa Sarangani like Iranun, Maranao, Sangil, Sama Dilaut, Maguindanaon, and Tausug,” she said.

Moro Pagingadan, Pelima said, also demonstrated the objective of Governor Pacquiao’s flagship program Ronda Probinsya Kalinaw which is to promote peace and prosperity. It also displayed the authentic Muslim food, tapestry, music, and rituals.

“Sa Ronda Probinsya Kalinaw Program, gina-promote namo nga aduna tay peace diri sa Sarangani. I-strengthen nato ang peace diri.” (Beverly C. Paoyon/ SARANGANI PROVINCIAL INFORMATION OFFICE)