This site has evolved from a personal blog to an advocacy blog. I interviewed various advocates and featured advocacy-related stories in Region 12 and other parts of the country. I hope that the stories that I feature on this site will inspire you as readers.


About the author 

Genory Vanz Alfasain, also known as Yadu Karu, is an advocacy blogger, writer and Public Relations enthusiast based in Sarangani province. His written works have been published in a variety of publications, including New Durian Cinema, Film Criticism Collective 3 (Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival), Cotabato Literary Journal, Dagmay, and SunStar Davao. A co-founder of the Sarangani Writers League, Alfasain directed, wrote, and produced short films. His first short film, Bè, won Best Short Film (Sarangani Shorts Category) in the first SalaMindanaw Asian Film Festival. His second short film Jamir was nominated for Best Short Film in the 2014 Mindanao Film Festival. He is also one of the festival staff of Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival.

He collaborates with different advocates, NGOs/NGAs and government agencies, and communities in Region 12. He uses his platform to help amplify their stories and advocacies.

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