Horror Films

If you are bored on this Halloween season or just want to feel scared. I have list (not in order) Horror films (local and international) that have sense (in cinematic sense), and have thrilling effect that you would like to feel. These are some...

directed by
Richrad V. Somes (2008)

When I first saw this film, I am laughing because of the medium of language/dialect (Ilonggo) used in the film (no offense to them). But when I watch it second time around and analyze it, it is worth to watch. Though this is an independent film (award winning), the authenticity    is there. The Aswang factor is realistic and their acting is quite impressive. In short, I am convince.

-Here is the full movie from youtube-

Yanggaw p1
Yanggaw p2
Yanggaw p3
Yanggaw p4
Yanggaw p5
Yanggaw p6
Yanggaw p7
Yanggaw p8
Yanggaw p9
Yanggaw p10
Yanggaw p11

directed by Kim Ji-Woon (2003)

A Tale of Two Sisters

If you do not have a background knowledge about Korean/Jap Horror films, start researching now. Most of their Horror films have complex storylines that are hard to grasps. Yet it contains deep psychological and philosophical insights that worth watching for. Just like this film, when I first saw this, I did not understand it. I watch it the second, third and the American version. And finally I got it.

-The Tale of two Sisters trailer

directed by Danny Boyle (2002)

These are the two of my favorite Zombie film of all time. Unlike other Zombie films, these two sequels offer thrilling experince you will never forget. Its dramatic content is amazing and if you are not a runner, you are probably dead if you are in the film. I am waiting for its third sequel called 28 Months Later. 

directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (2007)

Sadako, the ghost of the film, is one of the famous Horror character in popular culture. The "curse" you will get after watching the video will frighten and at the same time empathize her tragic death.

directed by Hideo Nakata

directed by Marcus Nispel (2003)

 If you are not into Gore films, this is good for you (ehehe). Lots of blood and chasing scenes that keep your heart pounding until the end of the film.

directed by Eric Matti (2004)

From the title itself, you will probably get the premise of the story. This Horror-Drama film is clear in delivering its message to the audience. Its melancholic mood will make you cry and sympathize.

There a lot of Horror films that are waiting to be watch. If you want a complicated plot, you can watch Korean/Jap/Thai Horror films. If you want twisted, weird, and sometimes philosophical you can check European Horror films. If you want predictable and O.A. scary type, you can choose films that manufactured in Hellywood. But nothing beats the authenticity of Filipino Horror Films.
Enjoy watching and Happy Halloween!!!