Sox Bloggers Madhatters Christmas Party

I had fun last night at Cafe Amore. It was my first time to attend the Sox Bloggers Madhatters Christmas Party. Though i did not have the Madhatter hat, I still enjoyed the party, especially the false eye lashes of Madam Dimple and the gayness of Sir Orman. Thank you SOX BLOGGERS! More Party to come.


Here is the video taken from the event, courtesy of Orman143


The mouth watering foods at Cafe Amore

Sir Orman's Ganda Ever Madhatter hat

Sir Avel's Angry Bird (Mexican) Madhatter hat

Aethan wearing his Kisses inspired Madhatter hat

RZ as one of the host of the party

Madam Dimple and her false eye lashes

Jeremy Smith and his turban inspired Madhatter hat

Rain Ramas and his awesome anti-smoking Madhatter hat

The Vice Governor's wife, Michelle Solon

The pretty Donna Mae and her Jap Madhatter hat

The Magician Nate Marx

Alexis Chua and his Angry bird hat

Arial Lalisan looking at the pictures from his camera

the exchange gift


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