The Guerrilla Tactics

   In today's economic situation, many lost their jobs and struggle to find a new one. For some who have jobs, they experience unhappiness in their lives. They have nice salary yet they feel trapped in their jobs. Countless books are published about job hunting and self-help books. The circumstantial evidence is so strong that we could conclude that they are all futile. But as I read the book of Tom Jackson entitled Guerrilla Tactics In The New Job Market, I was emancipated from the shadow of doubt that cast upon the Job Market. What's good about this book is that its approach is realistic and honest compare to other books I have read. The author's advice is more convincing that you could apply it to yourself (subconsciously speaking). The basic advice offer from this book are "apply a job that suits you" and "choose a job that will make you happy and not for the money". The book also teaches about Strategic Career Managing --- this is the ongoing ability to navigate your own careership   through the rocks and shoals of our turbulent world economy. As stated in the book:
"You will have the opportunity to learn the underlying principles of work and economy, personal excellence, managing your future, and career entrepreneurship, and how to put these principles into practice in the real world. Strategic Career Managing includes securing new jobs, achieving promotions, changing  jobs with companies, changing employers, knowing the most appropriate fields to train for. Starting your own business, and making the most of your post career years."

 The book also discusses about unemployment and the myth of scarcity. The book defines unemployment as - the measure of the imbalance between what tasks need to be done in society, and the time it takes to recognize and mobilize the resources that are needed. With the case histories (true stories) presented in the book, I discovered that an individual creates unemployment to the degree that he or she doesn't know how to best use his or her own abilities.

 I am thankful I found this book at Booksale (I bought it at P25). I learned a lot from it, and some of the tactics from the book are useful in my day to day transactions. Though the book was published in 1991, the advices and case studies are still relevant from this time. As the book says, "Keep on keeping on; the process of life is endless and the rewards can be priceless."

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