Lady Gaga in Manila

Lady Gaga arrived in Manila, Philippines on May 20 for two day concert (May 21-22) at the SM Mall of Asia Arena 

   The second visit of Lady Gaga in Manila sparked controversy. The people opposed her concert cannot stand the blasphemous and satanic doings of Gaga. Songs like Judas and Alejandro are embedded with satanic symbolism as what the conservatives proclaimed. We cannot blame them for their concerns. Their reactions are normal. Why normal? Simply because of opposites - in every thing that you do there is always an opposition/opposite. Whether good or bad, expect that there will be an opposition. Gaga's style cannot please everybody and I think she (they) are aware of it. It is part of the game. And this kind of gimmick is not new in Hollywood business. Performers  like Madonna already done this before. Gaga just revived it in her own way. As what I have seen yesterday in the news, Gaga's fans did not mind this at all. They watched the concert and enjoyed the show. If there are no oppositions/opposites, there is a problem in this world.

the protesters