Photo shoot with Ryan S. and the Gang (the behind the scenes)

   Mr. Ryan Salazar and Joemar Tan Cabasan  conducted a one day photo shoot last May 27, 2012 at Salazar's residence. Their concept was called "Bed of Roses". Other photographers like James Capisinio, Charles Kieng and Francis "Choi" Sacdalan also present from the activity. These independent photographers are doing this for their passion, and you can easily notice their creative and artistic abilities by just watching them. The photo shoot was fun and I had great time documenting them. These photographers are great in their own ways because it really says from their outputs. They can manage to conduct their own photo shoots and at the same time enjoy every moment of it. I respect and admire them because of their seriousness and dedication in this craft.

These were the behind the scene photos from the photo shoot

Ryan Sabiona Salazar is currently taking his Masters Degree in Management 
at the Mindanao State University Graduate School (GenSan). His keen interest 
in photography shows how great his works are.

Joemar Tan Cabasan has a good eye in photography. His works tells how serious 
he is from his craft. The evidence can be found on

James Capisinio,  a logo type designer at 99designs,
is a talented Graphic Artist and a photographer. His interest in visual art made him stand out from other visual artists.

Francis "Choi" Sacdalan is an I.T. expert, Entrepreneur and a photographer. 
His sensitivity towards details from his subject(s) he shot made 
him unique in his own right.  

Charles Kieng is an Entrepreneur and a photographer. Photography is his passion, and this passion made 
him an awesome photographer.

Kristhel Ann Cornel is a certified Nurse by profession. She is also
a freelance model. Her charming looks is her best asset and
her "mysterious image" is quite impressive in photos.

Ana Marie Gubalane is a young model from Joji Ilagan International School.
Ana is in coming sophomore this school year. Her beauty captures the heart 
of the photographers from the activity. With the right make up, her beauty can
be versatile depending on what the concept is. 

If you are interested in their works you may visit

Joemar Cabasan's site at Joemar Cabasan Photography 

James Capisinio's site Hayee- Creative Design Specialist 

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  1. thumbs up! nice!

  2. thumbs up! nice!


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