SarBay experience

   My SarBay experience was ok --- it was not that great but not that bad. The two day event held last May 18-19 at Gumasa Beach, Glan Sarangani Province was succesful. This is my second visit to the white sand beach of Gumasa. The first time was back in mid 90s when I was a kid. That time Gumasa was not yet developed and you can easily experinced its virgin beauty. More that a decade past, its beauty is still there. Though there are some changes, you can still enjoy the beauty that Gumasa offers.

  I am thankful that I saw familiar faces, old friends and acquaintances in the event. I was able to socialize with them and talk about sensible topics. Since I came (May 19) without any definite plans, I enjoyed its spontaneity. 

The white shores of Gumasa

People watching the Bangkarera

breathe-taking shoreline of Gumasa


Fire Dance

party at the Bay

awesome fireworks display


  1. It's really more fun in Pinas, just missed half of my life, char. I should be here next year. haha. Anyways, my post related to sarbay was on my bro's behalf, I found the event worth blogging eh. :))

    1. ah ok kaya pala..oo may next time pa inform me if you're coming..over naman yung "you missed half of your life",ehehee..thanks for reading ;-)


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