Faith and the Vmobile Synergy

Faith is busy updating her Synergy Turf Infinity Group 

   Networking business is one of the new ways to earn money. Some may invest in this kind of business because they feel it is worth investing for. Some may have doubts because they think it is a bogus business. Others do not even bother to research about it. Others get easily irritated whenever they are ask to join in their company.

  One of the booming networking companies today is Vmobile Synergy. Vmobile is a business opportunity wherein you get to have CONVENIENCE, DISCOUNTS, & EXTRA INCOME. Vmobile was established on April of 2008 as the latest addition to PentaCapital Group of Comapanies. PentaCapital is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines. 

   Faith Shariah Lim is a proud Vmobile member. What really amazes me is that she is really active and dedicated as a Dealer in Vmobile. She really helps every member of her Synergy Turf Infinity group. She is a great leader in her team with the member of 1,200 (and still counting) scattered throughout SOCSKSARGEN area. Faith and her team promote CONSUMER EMPOWERMENT. You could say that they are not aiming for money of the members (or soon to be members). She is training and helping the newly recruit members to succeed in their own careers. They are not like the other networking companies who are only focusing on recruiting and not on helping to succeed their members. I am proud of my friend because she is helping her fellow Filipinos to be Entrepreneurs in their own ways. 

the team name of Faith's group 

In Celebration of Yaman GenSan 2012, the Vmobile, specifically the team of Faith join the Bazaar at Robinson's Place GenSan. This entails that Vmobile is no ordinary company.

For more info you may contact her through email 

Or visit their office at 

Vmobile Synergy 

Vmobile Generals Headquarters 

01 Mabuhay Road, Villa Consuelo Subd., 

General Santos City 

(083) 554-2763