Pensoy's Grill

   Pensoy's Grill is one of the coolest and unique resto grill I experinced. Located at Bigshot Compound National Highway (GenSan), they served the best Ostrich and Crocodile dishes in town. Mr. Bebot Haw and his son-in-law Lyanne Jover are very creative in conceptualizing their restaurant. The interior design of their resto is very unique and the name of their foods in their menu are very catchy and easy to remember. Just like their Sayang di ka gwapo (unfortunately you are not handsome). Surely, customer will easily remember their food not only their names but also the deliciousness of it.


this Tuna is the biggest back then

real skeleton of a crocodile

this gadget measure the temperature of this drink.

check out the video by Aethan

Pensoy's Grill has two function rooms: Karagatan & Icons


video and photos by Aethan (below)

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