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    Being a journalist is a tough profession. You meet the deadlines, conduct interviews and you have limited time to develop the story you have gathered. On the other hand, a journalist life has an exciting career to conceit with. You will learn a lot from it because you are on the field doing your assigned story. You discover things that far from what you expected. You meet interesting people, and you become a pundit in your own ways.

   Speaking of Journalism: 12 Writers and Editors Talk About their Works by William Zinsser, is a book that tells about the experiences of journalists in their field. Each one of the journalists featured in the book describes in "lively detail his or her journalistic specialty: feature writing, the personal column, science and technical writing, magazine editing, politics and public affairs writing, profiles, sports writing, health and social issues reporting, nature and environmental writing and regional writing." 

   What is good about this book is that it is personal and enjoyable to read because you are reading the journalists' point of view. You will learn a lot from their stories and you will never shun their advice. Working from prestigious newspapers and magazines like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, you will visualize the toughness and excitement of their job. Though the book was published in 1994 by HarperCollins Publishers Inc., their insights cannot be outdated. The anecdotes, humor, and advice you will get from this book are still applicable up to this time. As what Zinsser's instructions to them: "Come and tell stories about what you do and how you do it."

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  1. Journalists are brave! :) Journalism could be dangerous!

    1. sometimes their job is exciting and sometimes dangerous..depending on them ;-)

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