The 2nd Pinoy Global Educator's Summit

   The second Pinoy Global Educator's Summit was successfully conducted yesterday. Organized by  Utmost Proficient Review Center (UPRC), in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED). The summit was gathering of different Colleges and Universities in SOCSKSARGEN. With the theme MOVING FORWARD!, the summit focuses on the three updates in education: 1) The New K to 12 Philippine Educational Curriculum, presented by Allan G. Farnaso, Ph.D. 2) Organic Learning Disabilities, presented by Dr. Eric Taclawan. 3) Indigenous and Multicultural Literacy for Filipino Educators, presented by Jane Lartec, Ph.D.

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   The presentation of Maam Jane makes me appreciate more our culture and heritage. Because culture is important in our educational system. We should be culture-sensitive individual(s) to have harmonious relationship with others. Using our first language (L1) as a medium of instruction in our schools makes the learning easy.

The presentation of Sir Allan about the K to 12 program of DepEd makes me understand the concept of it. He points out that the Philippines is behind in terms of education compare to other neighboring counties in Asia. The K to 12 is the solution of it.

   While Dr. Eric's presentation about learning disabilities really amazed me. He discusses different kinds of learning disabilities, like dyslexia, as well as the signs and the cure of such disabilities. I discovered that even normal (as it seems) person may have learning disabilities.

   With the knowledge I gained from the summit, I now understand the life of a person who have learning disabilities. With this knowledge, I have the power to correct those people who have wrong perception about learning disabilities.

  The summit is a big help not only for educators but also to education (major) students, who will become the future teachers. Since my degree is in line with education (AB English),I am thankful that I was invited by UPRC to attend (as well as to document) this summit. I learned a lot by just listening to the awesome speakers in the summit.

   See you next year for another Educator's Summit.

Special thanks to UPRC