My Week with Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most known icons in  American popular culture. Her influence still lives up to this time. Her beauty captures the heart of every man and woman  in the globe. Hollywood (or mass media in general) uses her iconic image not only to sell but also to give tribute to her. From music, film to advertising, the sweet-innocent blonde looks still in fad. Ranging from Madonna to the promotional photos of Guess jeans, her sex-kitten image is invincible. Despite her dark childhood and tragic death, she immortalized herself in the consciousness of the people.

'My Week with Marilyn' is a story about a young man, named Colin Clark, who wants to work in the film industry. Set in  1950s London, the story was based in the true story of Colin Clark. "This describes a magical week in which Monroe opens herself up to a stranger and finds in him a confidant and an ally."

The film is good in describing the life of Monroe in the perspective of Colin. Colin can see the both sides of the situation. That is why he understands Monroe (Michelle Williams) as well as Laurence Oliver (Kenneth Branagh). The pressures of celebrity life and the limited privacy experienced by Monroe make you sympathized her situation. If you want to know the biography of Marilyn Monroe, this film is a good start. From the point of view of Colin, we can easily understand the life of Monroe as a famous celebrity.

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