Text Scare

“We got info from our Gensan Depot sighting of two vessels landing at the border of Maasim and General Santos City. Several Armed men, believed to be terrorists affiliated with the Moro Bangsa Liberation Army (MBLA), affiliated from the vessels. They remain at large. At least, ten bombs were planted in different places in General Santos City. As precautionary, suggest avoiding places prone to bombing (i.e. malls, movie houses, unsecured restaurants, sidewalks, markets, buses). Park your vehicles in secured parking lots. Limit movement at night.”

    If you received this kind of message, please do not pass it, delete it. This message (or any text scare messages) is not validated by the authorities. Its main purpose is to scare the public to cause fear and anxiety.

   Text scare is rampant this time when disasters and conflicts dominate our media (national and local). Some individuals take advantage in these situations to disseminate fear to the public. We don't know what's their motive in doing it. If you encounter this kind of text, just stay calm and think clearly. Validate first before you pass it.

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