How to be a Celebrity?

"I used to think as I looked at the night sky. There must be thousands of folks sitting alone like me, dreaming of becoming a star. But I'm not going to worry about them. I'm dreaming the hardest."

-Marilyn Monroe

   I was entertained in reading the book of Rosemarie Jarski entitled How to be a Celebrity: A guide to getting and staying famous by any-means necessary. The book is about giving tips and suggestions on how to be a celebrity. Packed with tricks of the trade, insider gossip, cautionary tales and celebrity pearls of wisdom. The hilarious approach of the author makes it light, entertaining and easy to read. The author suggests that anybody can be a celebrity as long as your're smart, tough and ready.

  The book only delves on external factors of being a star such as celebrity packaging, lifestyle and promotion. It does not analyzes the psycho-social as well as political aspect of being a celebrity. The book is divided into three parts. Part one talks about the making of a star. Part two tackles the life of being a celebrity. And part three give tips on how to cope the stresses of celebrity and waning fame.

   The book belongs to the self-help book genre. If you are bored and wants to be entertained, this book is suited for you. Or if you are desperate to become a celebrity better read this book and internalize its advice. Whatever reasons that you have it will surely give you a good laugh.

   The author uses first person point of view in presenting her ideas. Her exposure in American and British entertainment is enough proof to convince you. The dark humor approach of this book makes you wonder how complex the celebrity culture is.

  One of the good points the author presents is that celebrity (or entertainment in general) is a form of escapism to humans, as stated:

"Celebrities survived because people want them to survive. They may be trivial, but that is precisely why they are needed. Mankind, said T.S. Eliot, cannot stand too much reality. Celebrities are an escape from humdrum existence. They are a change from the shootings and starving and plane crashes. They add color to a drab world." (p.3)

  Advantages cannot stand alone without disadvantages. The author also presents the bad effects of being a celebrity. As one passage says:

"The truth is, once you've tasted fame, you'd rather lose a limb than lose your fame. Celebrity is the most powerful addiction known to man....But fame comes at price. Your Faustian bargain brings you privileges and rewards, but it also brings pressures and stresses. You are the object of admiration but also envy. You are considered fair game for criticism, interrogation, ridicule and spite. You are fawned over, but does anyone genuinely care about you? Who can you trust?" (p.278)

   Though this book was published in 2002 (I bought it at thrift book store), its content is still relevant today. If you find a copy of it better read it and enjoy its craziness. 

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