The Tour p2: Pagadian City

photo from  Letters to Mindanao 

   Undas is the time to remember our dead loved ones. For some it is an opportunity to take a break and relax. Luckily, I spent my Undas in the beautiful city  of Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur. I combine the pleasure and business purpose so that I could enjoy my stay in the city. When I'm there I felt like I was in Rio de Jenero or in San Francisco because of its hilly terrain.

   Pagadian City is also famous for its white sand beaches like the Puting Balas Beach (White Sand Beach) and Poloyagan Beach. Since these beaches are far from the city (proper), I only visited Dawdaw island. From far view (if your in Rotonda tower) this island looks like a mysterious island waiting to be discovered. This island is potential to become one of a hot spot in the city. But it needs to be developed and cleaned.

   It is really fun to ride the iconic tricycle of Pagadian City. Its design is suited for its environment. It is the only place in the Philippines with a public transport inclined at about 25-40° angle.

   Though I have limited time exploring the place, I still enjoyed my stay in the city. The next time I would visit this place, I will explore it more.

The iconic Pagadian tricycle 

Unfinished Rotonda Tower

The famous Rotonda Highway 

Pagadian City Hall 

Sto. Nino Cathedral 

Dawdaw island in far view. It looks like a mysterious island waiting to be discovered. 

Cultured Seaweeds

Dawdaw Island 

Dried fish district in Sta. Lucia 

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