Indigenous Foresight Workshop

   Indigenous People (I.P.) in Mindanao has a unique culture that makes them distinct from other tribes in the Philippines. But in this modern times this seems threathen by many factors such as technology that could damage their existence. Luckily, I was able to attend the Indigenous Community Foresight Interface- Dialogue conducted by Maharlika Artists and Writers Federation (MAWF) in cooperation with Provincial Government of Sarangani last November 29, 2012 at Kasfala Hall, Capitol Complex. It was participated by the I.P. of Sarangani.  "The Indigenous foresight workshop will impart futures thinking and social foresight methods to the indigenous community of Sarangani to explore and create alternative future."

   I learned a lot from this workshop. The concept of Shermon Ortega Cruz (the speaker of the workshop) about the future of the Philippines was very interesting. He is considered as futurist and studying the future of I.P. in the Philippines. The insights shared by our fellow I.P. was very enlightening. They shared their ideas, sentiments and concepts to improve their social condition.

Shermon Ortega Cruz, Director of Center for Engaged Foresight   

   According to Cruz, the cultural infrastructure will be the new trend in the future. The government must put some effort in promoting, preserving and sustaining our culture. South Korea is the first to recognized it that is why they materialize it through entertainment and tourism.

   I am happy that this workshop conducted here in Sarangani. I hope more of this kind will happen in the near future. It is important to give consideration to our fellow I.P.and other tribes not only in Mindanao but also in the Philippines in general. It is important to listen and understand their stories and sentiments to influence how people and societies create alternative images of the future.

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