The 9th National Sunrise Festival

   The 9th National Sunrise festival conducted last November 28-30, 2012 was a sure success. This cultural renaissance gathered together in celebration of MunaTo heritage of Sarangani Province. It is the first time to celebrate here in Mindanao specifically in SOCCSKSARGEN region. Sunrise festival is the first multifaceted culture based roving arts and writers festival held annually in the different regions of the Philippines. It was organized by Maharlika Artists and Writers Federation (MAWF). It was conceptualized in Iloilo city and first held in Cebu City. Up to this time it continues to inspire the Filipinos to be creative and to be proud of their heritage. This festival is created to give hope and inspiration to the Filipinos; to support local artists and writers; to support cultural minorities here in the Philippines; and to promote alternative form of festival.

Opening ceremony

This year, the 9th National Sunrise festival's objectives are:

- To promote the cultural heritage of Sarangani Province and highlight the historic images of "MunaTo - the first people" during the events.

- To support local efforts among artists and writers and give rise to sustainable culture of peace in Sarangani and other areas of Mindanao.

- To organize a cultural interfacing during the arts and culture summit in which the process of dialogue will continue at the community level after the festival.

- To provide multi- discipline arrangements and workshops with earth-shattering presentations of various arts and culture character.

The B'laan tribe participating in the cultural workshop

Visual Art Exhibit

Cultural Night

   Many activities were held during the three day event. Like cultural workshop, visual art exhibit and cultural night - to give highlights to the indigenous people's cultural heritage. The delegates came from the different parts of the Philippines and some came from abroad. They share their ideas, talents and creativity to inspire  and promote our culture.

   This kind of event is good for our country. It serves as inspiration and reminder that culture is important to society. It helps promote, preserve and sustain our cultural heritage. It also helps us to find alternative solution to our problems (with regards to culture) that we are experiencing today. I am looking forward for the next National Sunrise festival. I am sure it will be great and exciting.

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