The Tour p3: Tboli-Surallah-Sto Niño

The Municipal Hall of Tboli, South Cotabato


   While doing field research, I got the time to visit some of my friends in the province of South Cotabato. I felt lucky to combine the work and leisure purpose in my two days stay in the province.

   Definitely I will come back in South Cotabato, specifically in Tboli. My college buddy Jojane promised me to expose ourselves in one of the mining companies in Tboli. She has a relative who has a share in the company. We would like to experience how to extract and process the minerals such as gold and copper. And also we would like to experience and understand the life of miners in mining site. I am counting on Jojane in that matter.

The grave of ex-Mayor Mai T. Tuan (May 23, 1937-October 30, 2001).



Sto Niño Parish Church



Allah River

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