A Message for the Discontented

   I am really surprise by the overwhelming influence of Yadu Karu’s Blog (YKB) to its readers. Despite its simple presentation, it creates a significant impact to those who find it interesting. But as we all know we cannot please everybody.  Some abhor and belittle its contribution to the society. I understand their sentiments. I use their “criticisms” to improve my blog. What I don’t understand is that some people are discontented and trying to dictate or manipulate on what would be the content of YKB.

   I met these uncontended folks in social gatherings and important events in Mindanao. I don’t know what motivated them to do such thing to me. But I still listen to their “advice” and filter the unnecessary. I hope they will create their own blogs and post what’s in their minds. 

   It takes time (and of course money) to post relevant and well-research topics in YKB. I dedicated myself in making this kind of article so that it could be useful to the readers. But these days, I am busy doing other things (with regards to work). So I apologize for not posting this kind of article. In the following months, I will post these well-research topics for the benefits of everybody. 

   YKB (as extension of me) is improving and evolving. As I reread my older posts, I can see the difference. As my journey continues, I keep learning new things, discover wonderful ideas, meet awesome people, and travelling interesting place. YKB keeps getting better as it continues. 

   I would to thank those readers who find YKB interesting. I really appreciate it and I hope you will stay connected to YKB. 

   To those on the other side, I still thank them because it serves as a reminder that their kind still exist; that I should keep improving and stay tough on this game.

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