HABI Volunteers plant durian seedlings in sitio Sufu (Tboli, South Cotabato)

   The Hearts and Brains Inc. (HABI) planted the 200 Durian seedlings in Sitio Sufu brgy. Maan Tboli, South Cotabato. The said activity was led by the HABI Volunteer Group in partnership with the 27th Infantry Battalion and the Tboli community. 

   Durian Tree Planting is one of the activities conducted in sitio Sufu. HABI chose to plant durian trees because of its benefits. First, its nutritional value – this may help the Tboli tribe especially the children to sustain the right nutrients that they need for brain development. Second, is the environmental benefits – this may help absorb the water from the heavy rains in the mountains. Sitio Sufu is the river basement of General Santos City. If there are flashfloods in the mountains of sitio Sufu, GenSan will suffer because the water from the mountains will directly go to the city particularly in the areas of Putting Bato and Calumpang. Third, the livelihood assistance – the durian trees may serve as their source of income. The durian fruit can be sold to the local market. 

   The HABI Volunteer Group is planning to plant more durian seedlings not only in Sitio Sufu but in many mountains in SOCSKSARGEN area. This is not only to help the communities in remote areas but also the environment.

This is the mountainous area of sitio Sufu. As you can see there is no trees to support the soil for the heavy rain
John Oliver Tablazon explains the importance of durian tree planting.

Tboli Children help to plant durian seedlings 

 If you want to be a part of this activity, you may contact 
President of HABI Volunteer Group 

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