Living Green: A Practical Guide to Simple Sustainability

   Living healthy is an ideal lifestyle that most of us want to achieve. Many of us are aware of the consequences brought by unhealthy lifestyle. With this demand various fitness exercise and healthy regimen sprout overnight. Some are just marketing ploy while some are genuine as their benefits. 

   Living Green: A Practical Guide to Simple Sustainability is a practical guide to simple sustainability that will help you: 

· Understand the philosophy and background behind sustainability and the new “green” movement. 
· Learn simple steps to improve the sustainability of your health, and the cause-and-effect consequences of your lifestyle on the planet. 
· Learn how to create a healthier and more fulfilling home and family environment. 
· Take specific actions in your everyday life that improve your own health and the health of our environment. 
· Stay connected to informational tools and resources to help you engage in a more sustainable life. 

   This book has three parts. First part talks about Sustainable Health. Chapter One introduces the philosophy behind the sustainability movement and inspires participation in this positive and revolutionary new way of life. Chapter Two makes a compelling case for seven steps to sustain health from the inside, starting with the switch to organic food. Chapter Three offers five tips for improving health sustainability by making simple changes to what touches your body. Tips cover organic fiber clothing, safe children’s clothing, green day cleaning, filtering pure water, and the case for natural personal care. 

   The Second part talks about Sustainable Home. Chapter Four provides seven steps to creating a healthier environment for your family at home, including home cleaning products, home energy conversation, waste reduction and recycling, furnishings that help you breathe easier, replacing wasteful disposables, and the benefits of natural lawn care. Chapter Five provides tips and resources for building or remodeling a home to make it as “green” and nontoxic as possible. 

   The Third part talks about Sustainable Future. Chapter Six discusses the energy sustainability that covers practical steps for reducing our impact in our greater environment, as well as reducing our contribution to global warming and climate change. And the Chapter Seven brings all together, laying out the implications of our consumer participation in the global economy, underscoring how the choices we make impact the sustainability of our planet’s health. 

   Reading this book makes us more conscious of the food and products that we consume. Most of the products available in the market have these harmful substances that can cause serious illnesses such as cancer. And also some products have damaging effects to the environment. Living Green helps open our eyes to the truth behind these products.

   In this age it is hard to change our conventional lifestyle that we get use to. Most of the products - whether food, cosmetic, furniture, toys, etc. - that we consume have toxic chemicals that could cause illnesses. Consumer awareness is the key to change this system. This book is a good introduction to change our old ways.

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