Talented kids in sitio Sufu

Marwer Cutan and his fellow Tboli Children

   In this modern day age of musical entertainment we can easily notice genuine talent. Whether singing, dancing and in playing musical instrument, we can feel the soul of the performer. 

   I am really amazed to those talented individuals who do not have proper trainer in music. Most especially talented folks who came from impoverished environment. When we visited sitio Sufu brgy. Maan in Tboli South Cotabato, we saw a lot of talented kids that are potential to be our next Philippine National Artists. 

   Marwer and Oriel Cutan, who are siblings, have (I Should say) musical intelligence. They learned to play guitar (and as well as other musical instruments) through listening. They learned by just listening to the previous visitors to their place. With no proper training in music, they are able to play the guitar well as if they are professional musician. 

   Seeing them playing like this makes my mind formulates a lot of questions. How will they sustain this talent? Are they going to help and share their knowledge to their community? The geographical location of their area seems difficult for them to access the right education or training for their skills and talents to develop. How would the government help these kids? 

   We are hoping for the best. Though there are challenges, it is part of growing up. I am confident that they are going to surpass these challenges. Through their talents they will help their community and uplift the Tboli tribe. 

Oriel Cutan

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