Zipline to the Fifth Mountain Adventure Park

   As the saying goes, “You will never forget your first time.” It is true! My first zip line experience happened last April 12, 2013 at Fifth Mountain Adventure Park in Purok Balakayo Brgy. Olympog, General Santos City was unforgettable.

   I was invited by Mr. Ervin C. Taporco, a Master of Business Management student of Mindanao State University – Graduate School. As part of their requirements in their Entrepreneurial Marketing subject, they (with Ms. Deserie Mae Milgar & Ms. Shilly Dejucos) made a promotional campaign that will last a month. They strategize to maximize the profit of the establishment  they chose and keep a track whether they are changes. They will present it to Prof. Maya Cartojano for evaluation. 

   The Fifth Mountain Adventure Park was named and inspired by the novel of Paolo Coelho entitled Fifth Mountain. As the tarpaulin posted in the pavilion stated: 

   “When we are in the high, we can see everything as small. Our glory and our sadness lose their importance. Whatever we conquered or lost remains there below. From the heights of the mountains, you can see how large the world is, and how wide its horizons.” 

   At first I cannot relate in this statement. When I read it, I just read it plainly. But when I tried their zip line I appreciate its message. 

   The Fifth Mountain Adventure Park has a 750 ft. high zip line. Zip X (the first one) is a 750 m long while Zip Yankee (the second one) is 800 m long; it has 80 km/hr speed. Their zip line is a good initiation if you have fear of heights. That’s is tested and proven by myself because when I tried it I was nervous and shaking. I was daunted by its heights. But I am persistent and continue to try their zip line to experience its thrill. With this experience I will try other zip line in other places. 

   What’s good about this zip line is that this new tourist attraction is within the city. GenSan can now offer an eco-tourist spot in the city. The Fifth Mountain Adventure Park is improving their facilities. Currently they are now constructing swimming pool and adding new cottages. 

   If you never try zip line or you want to unload your stress in life, the Fifth Mountain Adventure Park is a good place for you.

For more info you can check their facebook page.

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