Through the Deep Shadows

Through the Deep Shadows is a documentary on the search for American journalist Frank Gould who mysteriously disappeared in Mindanao, Southern Philippines, in 1974. He was covering the Muslim rebellion at the height of the Martial Law imposed by Ferdinand Marcos.

There have been a lot of accounts about Frank's disappearance -

"Frank was shot by accident."

"Frank left to explore Malaysia."

"Frank was murdered with an ice cream vender at a place called Katuli because he was a spy."

Despite official U.S. and Philippine government inquiries, the case remains unresolved. Frank's family has been searching for answers. Frank's sister, Marie, travelled to Mindanao in 2000 to get hold of any information that will somehow provide resolution to the case. But truth has remained elusive.

Our goal

This documentary seeks to find the truth, bringing to light a man whose life mission brought him to unfamiliar landscapes inhabited by dark shadows and myths.

Hopefully, it will bring closure for Frank's family and loved ones.

As 40 years have passed since Frank disappeared, there is a real sense of urgency to travel around Mindanao in order to follow plausible leads before the living memory all but dies out.

Your contribution is needed to make this possible.

Funding needed

The funds will allow a small dedicated crew to travel around the Philippine islands, and uncover the truth.

If we exceed the initial goal of US$10,000, the funds will be used to secure the rights to a few archival footage of 1970s Philippines, and would be applied to other production and post production costs of the film. 

In good hands

Acclaimed film director Gutierrez Mangansakan II, better known as Teng to his family and peers, returns to the documentary tradition with Through the Deep Shadows.

He has written, produced and directed four narrative feature films – The Bridal Quarter, Cartas de la Soledad, The Obscured Histories and Silent Longings of Daguluan's Children, and the Young Critics Circle (Philippines) best film of 2012, Qiyamah. These films have been screened in more than three dozen international film festivals in Venice, Thessaloniki, Singapore, Manila, Seoul, San Francisco, Jogjakarta, Bangalore, Hamburg, Vesoul, among others.

How you can help

To help, please spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, email the Indiegogo link to your friends and family - let them know about this film and campaign. You can make a donation:

1. For credit card donations, click on the donation sidebar on the right.

2. For donations by check, please contact us at for details.

Our deepest gratitude for your generosity.

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