Overwhelming Opportunities

   This year, a lot of opportunities are coming that hard to resist. I am overwhelmed by these events in my life. Every offer is really good to the point that I grab them all. And because of this I have a busy schedule, sleepless nights and have no time for leisure activities. I make it a point that I do my job properly and take advantage of these timely offers. 

   Since it is the first time that this situation occurs, I am grateful that all my previous hard work paid it all. All my research and strategic planning are effective. To name a few of these opportunities they are – DAR-PAMANA Project, DTI Magazine Project, Filmmaking and my Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development. I do not mean to be conceited but if you are in my shoes it really felt good and the same time proud when these opportunities are coming for you. 

   The ecstasy that I felt when I first encountered it is slowly diminishing. The honeymoon stage is over. In the climatic part of the story, I started to feel the “extreme pressure” from work, the inevitable toxic attitude of co-workers, the prodigious tasks in my Master’s Degree, the unnecessary stress contributed by insecure individuals and the pressure of making my first film. All of these mixed up in my head that led to inability to think clearly. 

   And because of this, it affects my professionalism and relationship to other people. I got easily irritated, my outputs were atrocious and sometimes I am out of focus. I admit that I am prepared for the opportunities but not its consequences. 

   I take this opportunity to apologize those affected by this incident. I don’t want to name names to protect their identities. I am sorry if I done something offensive or an unacceptable actions. I sincerely ask for an apology. 

   Now, I am thankful that I am recovering from this roller coaster ride. I can (somehow) manage the stress (most especially the unnecessary one) from my activities. The busy schedule has limits the time to do other things like reading books, watch movies, travel and of course blogging/writing. So I will make it up to go back to these activities. From this experience I learned a lot of lessons – lessons that could be useful in the near future. While contemplating these events that happened in the past months, I remember one incident that makes me grin. Last year I wish to myself that one day opportunities will knock on my door - opportunities that I will go insane if I do not take it all. And when that wish came true I now realize the truth behind the famous adage we’ve known – “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.”

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