One Country, One Voice

    The Department of Trade and Industry conducted the One Country, One Voice program last September 18, 2013 at East Asia Royal Hotel. The program tackles about the Philippine-Europe Trade Engagement.

   “One Country, One Voice (OCOV) is the core program of the stakeholders Relations Team of the Bureau of International Trade Relations (BITR). It was launched on May 4, 2011 at PTTC Manila with the main objective of institutionalizing an efficient and effective consultative mechanism for enhancing and sustaining public engagement in trade policy formulation.”

OCOV aims to achieve the following:

1. Institutionalize an effective and efficient consultative mechanism; build on this mechanism for public consultations on the trade engagements of the Philippines;

2. Promote mutual trust, understanding and cooperation;

3. Reinforce public awareness and increase understanding on the importance of trade;

4. Balance the interests of the stakeholders with specific emphasis on transparency and accountability; and, 

5. Arrive at sound, rational, and balanced policies that are supported by most, if not all, stakeholders.

   The session discussed and consulted on the PJEPA Review, PH-EU Economic Partnership Agreement, Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, and other foreseen bilateral trade agreements engagements with the key market economies indicated in the PEDP 2011-2013 (China, India, Brazil, Canada, etc.).

   The good thing about this session is that it has an open forum – this is to clarify information and surface issues. The open forum tackles about the current state of Cattle, livestock, coconut, and fisheries industry; as well as other concerns related to trade relations.

   Through OCOV, the current issues in trade engagements are properly addressed. The inputs given by the participants will motivate the policy makers to forge or review their policies with regards to trade engagements.

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