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   This day (10-07-13) marks the second year anniversary of Yadu Karu’s Blog (YKB). In a span of two years, I have exposed myself in different field to learn and get interesting stories that are worth telling. These stories serve as my inspiration to be a good and responsible citizen in this country. 

   Since its inception, YKB is not for commercial purposes. It is for self-expression, critical thinking, inspiration, generating ideas and continuous learning. Many of my friends and acquaintances think that I get rich because of my blog. Whenever they see my facebook status or photos, they think I live in a comfortable life. When they tell their amazement to me, I just laugh at it. I advise them to read my blog to know the story behind it. 

   When YKB published online, I experienced these “manipulative forces” that want to influence my write-ups. I was really surprise by these forces. Honestly, my blog is not that busy in terms of traffic (of visitors) compare to Sir Avel’s blog and Nanard’s blog. These forces are really persistent in pursuing their interest. I cannot believe that my blog is powerful to influence public opinion. These forces really see the potential of my blog (or my concepts and ideas in general). Fortunately, I can now manage it and learn to ignore these noises. 

   The articles posted on my blog are random. It is a personal blog that talks different things such as Mindanao and pop culture. Some people labeled my articles as product of leftist ideology. I really do not get the point why they are making such conclusion without knowing or talking to the writer. For the record, I am not a leftist and I am not affiliated with any left-wing group. I know some left personalities (because of my interviews) but it does not entails that I’m one of them.

   YKB has lots to offer. If you are a follower of YKB, you may notice that the articles are in transition. It evolves into something that I never expected. If last year, I’m busy with travel and events, now I’m busy with so many things that are too overwhelming to handle. I am happy that many opportunities knock on my door. Through these opportunities, I conceptualized a new image of YKB. For now I cannot disclose any information of it because it will be a grand surprise for 2014. Instead of extravagant celebration for YKB’s 2nd year anniversary, I am planning to do activities (in these coming months) that have relevance in the society. Again it will be a surprise for all followers of YKB. 

   I take this opportunity to thank the following individuals and groups that contributed in the evolution of YKB. These are (in no particular order):

SOCSARGEN Peace Network Inc. (SPNI), Hearts and Brains Inc. (HABI) and other NGOs I volunteered. 

Direk Teng Mangansakan and my fellow participants in Summer Film Camp


The people that I have met and interviewed. Thanks for sharing your life and information to me. Thank you for the trust. 

The places that I visited and the research that I conducted. 

To my family and friends who are still supportive and loving. 

To my Sustainable Development Studies (SDS) classmates and professors in MSU-Graduate School Program. 

And of course to my readers and followers of YKB. I am grateful that you still continue to read YKB despite the delayed posting of articles.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.
Thank you.


  1. So proud of you Yadu.. padayon lang :)

    1. sar! lamat Nardz! you're part of the success (as well as other memebers of SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers) of YKB..Thank you so much ;-)


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