Sustainable Development Forum

    The students of Sustainable Development Studies in Mindanao State University-Graduate School Program will conduct a forum on Sustainable Development this coming October 20, 2013 at MSU AVR Hall, J.P. Laurel St. General Santos City. The forum aims to provide a venue for discussion between different stakeholders and elucidate existing issues in the region associated with climate change, small scale mining, energy shortage, organic agriculture, and flooding.

If you are interested to attend in the forum, you are welcome. Please see the program below.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.
Thank you.


  1. Hi Yadu Karu, thanks for making this open to everyone. For those who were not able to witness the opportunity/sessions, would you be publishing online the study on small scale mining, including the comments of the panel of reactors (both pro and con)? We are very much interested to know all sides of the issue. Thank you and good luck on your good endeavor!

  2. Thank you Mr/Ms. Anonymous for your interest in our SD Forum. I will publish all the discussions and recommendations plus the studies we have conducted. It will be published in this blog soon.

    Thank you for visiting Yadu Karu's Blog ;-)

  3. Thanks very much Yadu Karu, will just wait for the online publication. The ultimate purpose and benefit of academic studies to society is for other people to make use of them.


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