Bé (Grandmother): The Teaser Trailer

Bé (Grandmother) teaser trailer 1 from Yadu Karu on Vimeo.

Bé (Grandmother) teaser trailer 2 from Yadu Karu on Vimeo.


The story revolves around Oriel, a T’boli visual artist, who sits in front of a blank canvas trying to recall the image of his grandmother which he has longed to paint.The image does not appear easily for Oriel who grapples with the practical reality and his quest to understand his ethnic roots.


Written & Directed by – Genory Vanz S. Alfasain

Story by – Ronald Tamfalan 

Assistant Director – Michelle Ann Gonzales

Director of Photography – Allan Jay “AJ” Resane

Editor – Julius Cloma Luaña 

Musical Score – Claire Berigay Pasion

Music by – Ram Tagum, Jun Mer Caceres & Conseto Tamfalan 

Production Design – Ariel Oberez 


Ronald Tamfalan 

Anna Patricia Cadiz 

Princess Joy Ditchella

Vanessa Alfasain 

Running time – 18 mins.

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