Q & A with Glorypearl Dy

In an interview via Facebook, Glorypearl Dy talks about Switotwins and its advocacy. 

(right) Gloryrose Dy and (left) Glorypearl Dy during their social enterprise pitch in
British Council Ideation Camp - Photo by Jing Fresnoza

Yadu Karu: Can you please give a brief profile of your organization

Pearl: Our company called Switotwins, Inc. is a social enterprise with the primary purpose of providing a comprehensive line up of specialized solutions and services on research and development, event support services, project management, information dissemination, and online digital solutions for emerging companies, NGOs or government agencies, all customized to their business needs and with the intention of funding for our flag ship project which is "Switotwins Digital Storytelling Philippines". 

Yadu Karu: It’s good to know that SMART Communications notice your project. Can you tell me more about your Digital Storytelling Project? 

Pearl: Smart Communications payITforward awarded one of Switotwins Digital Storytelling's programs called "Children Story Artists Collaboration” for its initiative for social good. Its aim is to encourage people to submit their stories (children story, fictional or non-fictional) to our website and invite illustrators and animators, voice over artists and video editors to collaborate online and turn the story into digital form.

Yadu Karu: State the reasons why you thought of this project.

Pearl: We are convinced that the project would be a great way to provide opportunity for aspiring artist to create a portfolio while helping other aspiring artists of related fields at the same time. It is very in line with our Switotwins Digital Storytelling's purpose which is to provide a venue for people to express their talents in different fields of art including writing, animated stories, voice recording and video editing.

Yadu Karu: So far, what’s the unforgettable experience that has effect on your life?

Pearl: When my right foot got stuck on a motorcycle's funnel while I was having a convulsion. I could not control my body and I even blacked out. I was 4th year college that time. I only had 2 hours of sleep per day for a month prior to that experience because I had to juggle my part time work with production classes, thesis and contemporary dance practice. The day before that attack, I had to dance while holding a torch and gas dripping from there which sort of prelude the tormenting experience. I do not know what caused my convulsion - if it was fatigue or poison from the gas- but it planted a 2 degree burn and left a huge mark on my left calve. 

From that experience I realized that we need to take one breathe at a time. When we're young, we want to do it all and forget to stop and feel the moment. We forget to consider ourselves in it. If we stay in the moment and relish it, we not only make quality art, we also make quality life with minor scars.

Yadu Karu: What are the challenges that you (and your group) encountered that test your character and ability?

Pearl: Every day, we face different kinds of challenges. One of the most common is the challenge to remain sustainable in our business in order to continue our social good. Many times, people tend to assume we do things pro bono just because we are an advocacy-driven company. We do not blame that kind perspective that those people embrace because it is just a reflection of a larger social condition. What we do is to continue learning how to address sustainability and educate people we talk and collaborates. 

Yadu Karu: Can you tell me the importance of social media in your advocacy?

Pearl: Social media is vehicle that takes our message to a larger audience online.

Yadu Karu: Where does your organization find funds? 

Pearl: We are practicing social enterprise, so our business funds are mainly for social good. We encourage people to become our partners, clients and stakeholders not only to satisfy their personal needs but also to help others who are in need. The more clients, the more funds for our Switotwins Digital Storytelling Project.

Yadu Karu: How’s the recruitment process of your group? Is this voluntary basis?

Pearl: Yes. It is voluntary. We accept those who are willing to journey with us. Of course, we also consider the background especially if safety is on the line. But basically, we open doors for anyone who is willing to help us and become a part of our community.

Yadu Karu: I have seen your film (Panalipod Onlyn) in the recent Cinema Rehiyon 6 held in Cagayan de Oro City. What’s the inspiration behind it? How can you come up with that concept?

Pearl: I remember looking at Facebook profiles of parents sharing pictures of their children online. They were cute. Some of them, in my opinion, were too private for people to see. Months after that, in a VAW-C workshop, I talked to a mother whose child was a victim of cyber-pornography. From that talk, I was inspired to make a film about it. 

Yadu Karu: What your organization’s future project(s)?

Pearl: I have plans to implementing more Digital Storytelling Workshops to children in remote areas. 

Related to film, I plan to create another advocacy short film in the second quarter of this year. It might be related to LGBT-Q or Indigenous People's Rights.


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