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   Yadu Karu’s Blog and LS Media & Events Production conducted a seminar entitled Blogging for a Cause: A Practical Guide to Blog for Advocacies last September 27, 2014 at Mindanao State University-Graduate School AVR. Different youth leaders and youth/civic organizations as well students from colleges and universities in GenSan participated in the said event. The blogging seminar aids the participants to utilize the power of social media in spreading relevant advocacies and helps them engage in nation building.

   “I am aware of its power to change and influence other people especially in spreading relevant advocacies,” said Genory Vanz Alfasain (Yadu Karu), the Event Manager of the seminar. “But most of the young individuals that I have met easily get intimidated about blogging or they are confused on what topic they would like to blog. These young individuals are really interested on blogging, but they don’t know how to express their ideas using this medium.” 

   In his opening speech, he pointed out the importance of social media, especially blog, in spreading relevant advocacies. “I have witnessed a quite number of passionate youth who are spending their time productively in helping our kababayans. In their own little ways, they help our fellow Indigenous Peoples (IPs) to have an access to basic social services, empowering their fellow youth and many other efforts that are beneficial to our society.” 

   The first speaker is an advocate of Children with Disability. During the seminar, Jenny Blancaflor Sagabay shared about the History of Blogging, its basics as well as its importance in communicating your ideas. 

   JR Lopez Gonzales, the second speaker of the seminar also shared his experience in blogging. “Blog is a great way to express your thoughts and ideas. But we should consider the risk in posting your ideas in the internet,” said JR. “We should consider the things to watch out for.” He advised the participants to be cautious about their words. If they want to expose the vulnerabilities of others, they should be also careful because it might also expose their vulnerabilities as blogger. “People reading your blog might be more intelligent than you. You should be ready. You have to research well. You have to be prepared. You should know what you are talking about.” He also emphasized that a blogger must be consistent on what he/she is advocating for. “Be consistent of your words. Sometimes we are idealistic, and it could not be seen in action or activities. It beats the purpose. We must act on it.” 

   The third speaker shared about Advocacy Blogging and Facebooking. Louie Pacardo talked about the importance of blog as great advocacy tool to launch a campaign for social change with a potentially global reach. “It is a part of a community worker’s task in order to contribute to the achievement of the ultimate aim of development work, which is to empower the people for social change,” Louie Pacardo said. 

   The last speaker, Josephine “Arjho” Carino Turner, talked about Blogging as a Ministry and Advocacy Tool. Since she is now based in Atlanta, USA, she used powerpoint presentation with her audio to make a point. “I do believe that each of us has some leadership form in our lives. Even if you are youth, adult or whatever position you are in your life. We play some leadership functions. I take this blogging with (seriously) guiding principles.” 

  “I find that blogging has a role in leadership and influencing others,” as she asserted. 

   “In this information-technological world, never underestimate your capacity to learn and try new things. Dare to learn, dare to create, dare to be creative. Blogging is just of one those creativities you can express your artistry, your advocacy or things you want to do in life. Never ever allow anyone to tell you that you cannot to do something like this or like that. Be the embodiment of the empowerment that is in you, as a youth, as an individual,” as she advised. 

   In the Open Forum, many participants asked questions and shared their thoughts about blogging. Harlem Jude Ferolino from Voice of the Youth Radio-GenSan said, “If you want to be ordinary, make money as your motivation. If you want to be extraordinary, make your passion, skills or talents your inspiration." Harlem wanted to encourage his fellow youth to be the positive social change through positive use of technology and media. “The importance of creating positive youth media is to lessen the risk of having pessimistic young Filipino minds, that will affect the future and of course, today.” 

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