COPERS distributes educational kits to the students of Lake Sebu

   The Center of Psychological Extension and Research Services (COPERS) of Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU) in partnership with the Mindanao Tourism Council (MTC), InterHelp and the 27IB distributed educational kits to the students of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato last May 17, 2015. They have distributed 400 educational kits for the Tboli pupils and 200 lesson plans for Public School Teachers of Barangay Taconel and Bacdulong. 

   “Giving should be the norm particularly on education,” said Hadji Balajadia, the External Director of COPERS. “It must be a normal psyche to give. We should help other people most especially the marginalize sector.” 

   COPERS is “the community engagement arm of the Psychology Department at the Ateneo de Davao University. Conceived in 2006 by Dr. Orencita V. Lozada and her colleagues in the Psychology Program, the Center was envisioned to respond to community needs in realizing the mission of the ADDU to serve as a Filipino, Catholic, and Jesuit university in Mindanao. Today, COPERS is manned by ADDU psychologists, mental health practitioners and research affiliates, and trained volunteers that generate empirically-based analysis of community needs, network with duty bearers and service providers, and implement novel psychological applications as appropriate to the peculiar concerns in the region.” 

   “Drawing from its considerable expert base, COPERS sustains its various concerns for psychoeducation, intercultural dialogue, peace psychology, security sector reform, organizational effectiveness, mental health management, crisis intervention, psychosocial support and trauma rehabilitation, and post-disaster recovery planning.”

   The donors of the educational kits and lesson plans are former students in the Psychology Department or alumni of ADDU and good hearted donors. 

   “Inspire a single child and you will eventually inspire a whole nation,” said Jonallier M. Perez, one of the Board of Directors of Mindanao Tourism Council (MTC). “If we care, we share.” The MTC always supports the activities of COPERS. For example, the MTC collaborated with COPERS during the aftermath of typhoon Pablo. 

   “Social development must be in public discourse,” Hadji said. “It should be multi-stakeholder and empowering for the people.” 

   Distribution of educational kit is one of COPERS’ activities. They have also conducted community psycho-education, psycho-social intervention, community development and disaster preparedness and response. COPERS is also active in peace building activities and peace and development initiatives. 

These are some photos during the distribution of educational kits

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