Mike Martinez and his dream of tech community in GenSan

   “There are a lot of hidden talents in GenSan”, said Mike Martinez the owner of 3AG Business Solutions. He believes in the potential of GenSan to excel in the field of technology. “We can do more than Tuna and boxing.” 

   Last year, I had the chance to talk to Mike Martinez about his plans for tech community in GenSan. He shared his vision about the future of technological industry and its importance to the people in the region. We have talked about it again on their Startup Cloud Camp event last Saturday (May 30, 2015). “This is the start,” as I have said to him. I am happy that Mike’s vision of tech community in GenSan is turning into a reality. 

   The event was held in HUB88, a venue which Mike and his wife owned. The place has this office like environment that suits the working style of a freelance tech guy. HUB88 is the vehicle for the tech guys to meet up. It is conceptualized for the purpose of organizing tech community in the city. “We are doing the right thing but we are ahead of time.”

   Microsoft supported the Startup Cloud Camp GenSan. TechTalks.ph organized the event with the support of Custard Apple Outsourcing, 3AG Business Solutions and HUB88. The event discussed about Startups, “cloud solutions”, or doing business using online or web cloud services. 

   “Basically this event aims to build a tech community in the region. It hopes to bridge all the IT specialists, software developers and the like to have a collaborative community in the region.” 

   Mike decided to go back in the Philippines because he believes that there’s something in our country. He never regrets it and continues to explore the opportunities of technology related field. He believes in the talents of the Filipinos. Despite his good life in Vancouver Canada, he still chose the Philippines to share his knowledge on (information) technology. 

   Mike is glad that this event convened the I.T specialists, web developer and designers, gamers, and other I.T related field. He hopes that it will open lots of opportunities. 

   There will be more events like Start Cloud Camp in the coming months. Mike and his tech friends are willing to share their knowledge to help others. They want to advocate the importance of Startups to the people in the region. 

   “What’s good about Startup is that if you have a compelling idea that has a possible global reach, people would throw money on it. If your idea will create a huge opportunity, people will be interested.” 

   Mike has a genuine passion for his field. His dedication to help his fellow tech guys makes him philanthropist in his own ways. To have a conversation with this visionary makes you inspired in so many ways. He is a visionary who believes in the potential of his country. As you make a chat with him, it will let your mind conclude that this guy is awesome.

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