Narcisso helps his tribe thru REACH Mindanao Project on education

Narcisso G. Buan shared his thoughts about the ADM program in their school during the Progress Tracking of Performance for Sarangani Province.

   “What’s important to me is to help my tribe,” says Narcisso G. Buan, one of the para teachers in sitio Datal Lutay barangay Blaan in Malungon Sarangani Province. For Narcisso, helping his tribe is important and rewarding. As a para teacher, he does his best to teach his fellow Blaans the basic education that they need. Through his efforts he become as an inspiration in their community. Narcisso has a genuine passion to help his tribe. He wants the young ones to be educated and become empowered.

   Narcisso graduated as Salutatorian in Landan National High School in Polomolok, South Cotabato. He studied at Mindanao Polytechnic College but he was not able to finish it because of the problem of his scholarship. But he does not look this experience as the end of his dream. Instead it becomes his motivation to continue reaching his goal. 

   In 2012, he volunteered as a teacher in Passionist mission in sitio Atmurok. “It’s one of my memorable experiences as a volunteer teacher,” recounts Narcisso. “I felt that they really respect me as their teacher. The students wanted me to settle in their community and become their permanent teacher.” 

   That experience led him to another opportunity. Raulo Deposo Jr., the School Head of Blaan Integrated School, informed Narcisso about the REACH Mindanao project on education. He did not expect that he will be considered to teach the young Blaans in their community. “I did not expect that Sir Deposo would consider me to be part of the project,” says Narcisso. “I am really thankful for the opportunity that they gave to me.” 

The flag pole in sitio Datal Lutay.

   Narcisso teaches in sitio Datal Lutay for almost a year. He is determined to teach the Blaans as long as he can. His love for his tribe equates for his service to the community. Instead of two working days as a para teacher, he makes it 4 days to extend his service. 

   “If you easily get discourage, you would not survive. My tribe is my motivation. As a para teacher, I learned to be patient and humble,” says Narcisso. “What’s important for me is to teach my students.” 

   Among the 36 volunteer teachers in Sarangani, he was awarded as best para teacher in 2014. “I did not expect that I would be awarded as best para teacher last year,” says Narcisso. “I am so happy that they recognize my efforts as a para teacher.” 

   His parents are proud of him. As they said, this opportunity is rare and it is good that he is helping his tribe. Furthermore, his dedication as a para teacher resonates to his students because most of his students are inspired to become a teacher. “I always say to them that they should study hard and maintain their focus,” says Narcisso. 

   Sitio Datal Lutay has 67 students (multi grade). These students are divided into two para teachers in the community. Narcisso is determined to teach these students the basic education that they need.

   “Teaching these students is not easy. You need to be focus and be aware of the right teaching approach. But it’s rewarding because you are able to help your tribe. I am proud as a Blaan. I would never forget my tribe,” says Narcisso.

Plan staff headed by Meilani Libre and representatives from Provincial Government of Sarangani during one of their site visitation in sitio Datal Lutay.

   Sitio Datal Lutay is one of the beneficiaries of REACH Mindanao Project. Plan International is implementing this two-year development project in Mindanao specifically in the provinces of Maguindanao and Sarangani. “Dubbed as Resilience and Change for Children and Families in Mindanao (REACH Mindanao), the project envisions that boys and girls live in resilient communities and are able to access their health and protection rights through locally delivered and managed services. The project started on June 2013 and ends on September 2015 covering 24 barangays with various project components. The education component implements activities which support the alternative delivery mechanisms in Sarangani and Maguindanao. It endeavors to contribute to improved access and quality basic education among children in the remote communities of the target provinces. Plan partners with DepEd and Local Government Units (LGU) in the implementation of REACH project on education.”  
   Narcisso is thankful to Plan International and their project for his community. He has learned so much from Plan’s trainings and seminars. It equips him the right skills to teach his students. Most importantly, it helps reach his dream to become a teacher. 

   “Through the REACH Mindanao Project on education, I have learned more about teaching strategies and how to handle students properly,” says Narcisso. “Plan International is consistent in helping far flung areas to have access to basic education. I salute them for their efforts and I am thankful for their support for IP communities in the region. Their project help fulfill my dream to become a teacher.” 

   Narcisso hopes to finish his studies in order for him to continue helping his tribe. 

   “My dream is to become a teacher,” Narcisso declares. “I am really thankful that Plan International serves as a bridge to reach it.” 

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