SalaMindanaw 2015 Program of Activities

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Jury: Adrian Mendizabal, critic; Ed Cabagnot, film programmer and scholar

Snakeskin by Daniel Hui (Singapore) 105 minutes 

Synopsis: In 2066, a survivor of an enigmatic cult recounts his country's traumatic history and the events leading to the rise and fall of the cult. Through his reminiscence, ghosts from 2014 and before appear as witnesses. Part dream documentary, part city symphony, this film traces the lineage of oppression as inscribed in Singapore’s landscape and collective unconscious.

River of Exploding Durians by Edmund Yeoh (Malaysia) 128 minutes 

Synopsis: A coastal town is turned upside down by the construction of a radioactive rare earth plant. An idealistic teacher and a group of high school students find themselves battling for the soul of their hometown. Based on real-life events, River of Exploding Durians is a sweeping tale of Malaysian history and its youth, where people are enveloped by politics and sadness while searching for love.

Chasing Waves Charliebebs Gohetia (Philippines) 92 minutes 

Synopsis: Young Sipat’s family lives in the remote Southern Philippines community Panyan where he has spent his entire life. However, they are forced by their landlord to leave the mountains to migrate to the unfamiliar landscapes of the seaside. Nervous but excited, Sipat is convinced that his greatest dream of experiencing the beach will be fulfilled. As he counts down the days to his departure with his best friend En-En, he is unaware of what the future will hold. The semiunexplored terrain of Barangay Tamugan with its peaks, caves, falls and rivers forms a dramatic backdrop to the natural, unaffected performances by the child actors.

Jalanan by Daniel Ziv (Indonesia) 108 minutes 

Synopsis: Jalanan tells the captivating story of Boni, Ho and Titi - three gifted charismatic bus musicians in Jakarta- and through them a wider, mostly unknown story of contemporary Indonesia.

Under Construction by Rubaiyat Hossain (Bangladesh) 88 minutes 

Synopsis: Struggling to find herself in the sprawl of urban Bangladesh, actress Roya reconstructs a famous and politically minded play for modern times, reclaiming her identity and sexuality in the process.

Mencari Hilal by Ismail Basbeth (Indonesia) 94 minutes 

Synopsis: A journey of father and son. Mahmud, an Islamic conservative, and Heli, a young liberal, are pushed to travel together in search of hilal, the very first new crescent moon, which also defines their new opportunity to have a better relationship.

Elegy by Yousef Kargar (Iran) 

Synopsis: An old man, an expectation, a hope.

The Young Man Who Came From The Chee River by Wichanon Somumjarn (Thailand)

Synopsis: Golf works as a debt collector in Khon Kaen. One day he wakes up early to go to work as usual. He meets many people, including a desperate man in debt who falls critically ill. The situation forces Golf to weigh his professional duty and his moral sense against each other.

Following Diana by Kamila Andini (Indonesia)

Synopsis: When Diana's husband returns home one night with big news — he has taken on a second wife, and expects Diana to live in harmony with the situation — she does what is least expected and plans to make a life on her terms.

November by Shane Lim (Singapore)

Synopsis: Kai has just tested positive for herpes, and breaks the news to his girlfriend, Min, who then goes for a test. With the specter of infidelity looming large over the couple, the teenagers confront fears and uncertainties as they transit into adulthood.

Man in the Cinema House by Bernard Jay Mercado (Philippines)

Synopsis: A Man is imprisoned in a movie theater for killing Jose Rizal, a Film Producer. He attempts to escape.

When The Boats Come In by Khin Maung Kyaw (Myanmar)

Synopsis: Aung Kyaw Naing and Ma Cho Lay are members of a fishing community struggling to make a living along a stretch of coastline near Thanbyuzayat in Mon State in Myanmar. Soon they will be faced with a curtailed fishing season as a result of new government legislation.

The Cat and The Orange Seeds by Nguyen Le Hoang Viet (Vietnam)

Synopsis: After an accident, the husband becomes paralyzed, yet the wife stays in the marriage to take care of him daily. They start a strange kind of conversation through a blend of dreams and reality, of present and memories, of love and despair.

Jury: Leonardo Rey Carino, dance artist; Bagane Fiola, filmmaker

ABI Jamir Mallari

DAPIT HAPON Mark Christopher Quiño

LUCID Cloyd Winstanley

NAPISSUKUH Sheena Alcala

NASSER Chiriath Fernandez

SANGIL Christian Alan Toring

Philippine Next Cinema:

MIS DA KA by Carlo Enciso Catu 
POSPORO PALITO by David Ignacio 
PUTAHE NG INA by Yves Patron

A harvest of the best Filipino horror shorts of the year. Bagane Fiola, Ngilngig Festival Director, curated the selection.



SANCTISSIMA by Kenneth Dagatan

TUROG by Earl Usi


LAMAT by Marco Pitlo

THE DARK by Ferdinand Mesias

YAMYAM by Jamir Mallari

MADONNA by Earl Autida, Brylle Andrei Taclindo and Ian Dominic Bugayong

PAKBET by Xana Patal

OT by Chris Hearl Duco and Melardz Vee Sumi-og

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