SalaMindanaw bares 2015 winners

SalaMindanaw International Film Festival has announced the winners of its third edition during the awards night on November 27.

Golden Durian Prize for best Asian feature - Under Construction (Rubaiyat Hossain, Bangladesh) for reinvigorating the ‘woman question’ implanted in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s globalized contemporary imaginary

Jury Prize - Jalanan (Daniel Ziv, Indonesia) for its ambitious scope and critical and self-reflexive depiction of the musical lives of Jakarta’s street dwellers

Golden Durian Prize for best Asian short - Elegy (Yousef Kargar, Iran) for its poignant portrait of a man’s agonizing journey to find truths and answers

Golden Durian Prize for best Mindanao short - Sangil (Christian Alan Toring, Iligan) for its clever use of storytelling craft that arouses curiosity and introspection

Philippine Next Cinema Filmmaker of the Future Prize - Ruelo Lozendo

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