What to expect of YKB in 2016

   The year 2015 is quite a busy year for me. I have not blog as much as I blog the previous year. The events that happened in 2015 seem so overwhelming that I tend to forget to write about it. This year, I made a conscious decision to blog more about relevant topics that suit the theme of Yadu Karu’s Blog (YKB). 

   It is easier said than done as the saying goes. As I blogger, I made a new commitment to write at least once a week. Despite my busy schedule I made a point to write what is in my mind. Through writing I am not only informing and inspiring my readers but also I am able to practice my craft as a writer. Furthermore, I rebrand YKB. In the coming months you will see its changes. This year I also decided to narrow my focus in writing for YKB. I admit that I have many interests to blog about. I trim it to three main topics to have direction. 

   Since the Millennium Development Goals has expired last year, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) comes in. The concept of Sustainable Development will be much visible in coming years. In this regard, I will write more on Sustainable Development not only for its relevance today but also because I am an advocate of it. I will focus more on the issues and trends that are prevalent in Region XII. This is simple way of applying what I have learned from Graduate Studies. 

   The interview session that I have conducted in the past years will also emphasize. I will continue to interview people who have influence and made impact to their respective communities. I will present diverse success stories of people in different walks of life. Exceptional youth leaders, social entrepreneurs, political candidates, advocacy groups, game changers and the like are all accommodated in this blog. 

   I also share my thoughts about the current events that create ripple effects in the society. These events are not only trendy but also potential to leave mark in the Philippine society. 

   I did not make this blog post long. I want to have concrete actions rather than plainly writing it. I hope that 2016 will have more meaningful and amazing events for me. I am looking forward and I am excited to write about it.

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Thank you