A Nursehef's story: Ado and Pau’s passion for baking

   It started as a passion. Gerardo D. Dula-ogon and Pauline Grace M. Dula-ogon have so much love in baking that they turned it into a profitable business. This couple who happens to be Nurses resigned from their profession to pursue baking. Their decision made to be a success story. 

   “Back in 2009, we started to baked chocolate moist,” says Pauline. “It started as a hobby. When the demand started to rise, we thought why not sell it.” 

   In 2010 they both resigned from their work to focus on it. Since they saw the potential in baking cakes, Gerardo (or Ado as his friends fondly call him) resigned from his work as a Medical Representative as well as Pauline (or Pau) from her Nursing Duty at Doctor’s Hospital. Back then their operation was purely home based and their immediate clients were friends and relatives. To enhance their knowledge and skills, they enrolled in baking classes and attended culinary seminars. For them, it is a continuous learning and an intangible investment. 

   In 2012, they established Cakes N’ Styles at Barangay City Heights GenSan. It specializes on customize cakes for weddings, birthdays and the likes. In 2015, they put up Nursechef’s at Quirino Street in which specializes in what they called “on the go cakes.” Nursechef’s is also good for meeting place and chilling out with friends. 

   “We don’t compete with quantity. We focus on quality,” says Pau. “We don’t compromise the quality of our cakes. We use premium ingredients. And since we are both nurses, we put more attention on hygiene and cleanliness.” 

   “We focus more on our clients. It is not based on the one-time deal. We treat them fairly and give the quality that they need. We build a genuine relationship with them,” says Ado. 

   These principles are much appreciated by their customers. The kind compliments from their customers spread like a wildfire. It is a good word-of-mouth marketing which lures more customers that translates into an increase of sales. 

   When curious customers checked their Facebook page, at first they thought it was expensive. As the couple says, the customers got intimidated because of its astonishing designs. The first impression would fade away when the customers visit their cake store and inquire about the prize. Clients can give their own designs or the couple can also suggest designs in line with the taste of their clients. As much as possible, the couple wanted original designs and not copycats. They put more time and effort to turn a simple cake into an extraordinary one. Their cakes are affordable which cater all demographics. Their cakes are not only pleasing to the eyes but also pleasing to our taste buds. As the couple puts it - “Cakes looks saintly but taste heavenly.” 

   Aside from Chocolate Moist and customize cakes as their specialty, Ado and Pau want to offer Cheesecake for their customers. They also want to offer “healthy discovery drinks” for their health-conscious clients. “It’s for our health-conscious customers. We sell our health smoothies in a very affordable prize,” says Pau.

   Ado and Pau admit that they had a hard time marketing their cakes. But their love for their craft and their determination, persistence, love of learning and the value they give to their customers pave way for their success. The couple reaps the benefits that they have envisioned. 

   As part of their advocacy, they have conducted medical missions around the country. Furthermore, they give importance to the medical profession. For example, they give a free taste of cakes and pastries to nurses and the like. It is one way of saying thank you for their efforts and contributions to the society. They also help other neophyte entrepreneurs for their business. This is one of the ways to share their knowledge and experience as well as establishing a healthy competition in GenSan. In this way, they can create a community of bakers and cake (business) owners that help each other uplift the industry in GenSan. 

   “If that’s your passion, don’t give up. Always pray and stay focus. Always give justice to your clients’ money. Study what are the needs of the people. And never stop learning,” says Ado. 

   “Always put your feet on the ground,” says Pau. “Never compromise the quality {of your product}. Build a good relationship with your clients and have a friendly competition. Pursue your passion. You need to be confident because you are the one who manages your business.” 

Blogger’s Note: If you are interested in their cakes, you can visit 

Cakes ‘n Styles at Salvani Street, Oringo Subdivision, Barangay City Heights GenSan (along Wizard Academy School); Telephone No. (083) 301-2890 Mobile No. 0925-538-5965/ 0942-952-5981

Nursechef’s at Quirino St. beside Dodong Ramos Salon/Calderon Clinic, GSC. 

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