Maitum launches the Maitum Black Stone Landmark

   The municipality of Maitum in the province of Sarangani launched the Maitum Black Stone Landmark in Cambuhan creek at Barangay Old Poblacion. The name of Maitum is derived from the black stones that can be found in the creek. The black stone is the new icon of Maitum, alongside with Bangsi (Flying fish) Pawikan (Turtle) and the Anthropomorphic Jars. Governor Steve Chiongbian Solon and the Acting Municipal Mayor Tito T. Balazon Sr. were present in the event, along with Municipal Councilor Perlita C. Ampodia and other SB members, Arlex Narte, the Tourism Officer of Maitum, and his team, Barangay Officials, Maitum Tourism sector, Maitum Landmark Development Association, Ms. Michelle Solon and the community. 

   The Maitum Landmark Development Association with the help of LGU Maitum will put up a replica of the Black Stone within the area of the creek. This new landmark is expected to boost economic activity in the area. The new landmark will become one of the tourism pit stops in Maitum. It will become a walking tour going to the turtle sanctuary. During the walking tour, there will be sharing of the story of the black stone – the legend and the scientific versions.

   “Today, we consider this a milestone for Barangay Old Poblacion because we finally show it to the public and its contribution to the history of Maitum, a representative of what it is now.” said acting Mayor Tito T. Balazon Sr. “The landmark that we will unveil today will become another icon added to our tourist spot that will open an opportunity for its people because we know this will be visited by tourists.” 

   “Development will come as long as we help one another. Unity and understanding must be sustained,” added Mayor Tito. 

   Gov. Steve C. Solon also encourages the locals to cooperate in terms of peace and security, since it is an important aspect of tourism not just in Maitum but in the whole province of Sarangani. 

   “Let’s take advantage of the programs of our president with regard to peace and security. If you know any suspicious activity within your community, please don’t hesitate to report to us. Let’s help protect Maitum,” said Governor Solon. 

  Gov. Solon gave P 100, 000 as starting fund to the Maitum Landmark Development Association, the group who manages the landmark, to help improve the project. 

   “Tourism is an economic activity. It won’t be economical if you do not have sustainability through financing. And we must ask our tourist to help us to sustain our assets.” said Michelle L. Solon, the President of the Sarangani Provincial Tourism Board.

   In order to protect the site, the 18th Sangguniang Bayan of Maitum has enacted a Municipal Ordinance No. 2017-006 otherwise known as “An Ordinance declaring Cambuhan Creek Black Stones at Purok 4, 1, and 2, Barangay Old Poblacion, as Landmark and origin of the name ‘Maitum.’” 

   “This declaration will be done purposely to ensure long term protection of the resources found within the premises from possible demolition, removal, relocation, or inappropriate alteration,” said Municipal Councilor Perlita C. Ampodia, SB Committee Chairperson on Tourism. “They will remain preserved and intact over time.” 

   “It is the objective of the enacted ordinance to have the conservation and preservation of Cambuhan Creek where historical black stones are found. Conserving and preserving the creek can enhance the quality of life of the residents and can foster economic development by helping to sustain the resources in the area.” 

*photo by Kim Tiblani 

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