The Opening Day of Pakaradyan Festival 2018 (VLOG POST)

The Municipality of Malapatan celebrated its 49th Foundation Anniversary and 13th Pakaradyan Festival, with the theme "Mapya Malapatan, Resilient, Inclusive." 

Pakaradyan, which means celebration or merriment, is a cultural heritage preservation project that aims to promote the town's socio-economic and cultural development, as well to promote Malapatan as one of the tourism and investment destinations in Sarangani Province. Guinakit sa Sugoda Malapatan (Sailing Competition) was the first event of the festival where the locals showcase the Maguindanaon traditional boat with their own sense of creativity and craftsmanship. They also have Bangsamoro Day, Blaan Day/IP Day and Settlers Day to give honor and appreciation to the tri-people living harmoniously in the municipality. Malapatan has also launched their municipal jingle called Mapya Malapatan.

It celebrates their cultural diversity, the unity of its people, economic progress, and beautiful sceneries of the municipality. Pakaradyan Festival runs from June 19 to 21, 2018.


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