Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival Davao reveals its 2019 Official Short Films Selection

This year’s Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival Davao will feature an extraordinary selection of 57 short films from all over the Philippines, Asia and beyond. Films from Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei will be featured in the Asian section while the international section will showcase films from all over the world including Spain and the US. 

Films will be screened from October 25-29, 2019 at the Davao Cinematheque Centre, as well as selected schools, universities, and a variety of alternative spaces in Davao City. 

About the festival 

From what started as a horror-genre film festival, Ngilngig has extended its scope to be the first Fantastic film festival of its kind in Southeast Asia. The festival serves as an opportunity for local and international filmmakers to promote and preserve their own myths, history and culture in cinematic form. 

“Ngilngig”, or its derivative “ngiga” (from ngilngiga), has been more commonly used by the Bisaya-speaking population to refer to something that is “kuyaw” (awesome). But the word originally refers to something that elicits horror or alluding to the macabre. 

The upcoming festival will showcase five (5) Exhibition short films, eleven (11) International short films, eighteen (18) Asian short films, thirteen (13) short films from all over the Philippines, and ten (10) Ngilngig films from its annual Film Camp. 

Here are the lists of short films to look forward to: 

Eleven (11) International short films ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ

● Buffalo & Trout by Presley Paras, USA 
● Blue Riding Hood by Fabio Bianchi, Italy 
● Bailaora by Rubin Stein, Spain 
● Implant by Ran Li, USA/China 
● Make Me a Sandwich by Denman Hatch, Canada 
● Quiver by Shayna Connelly, USA 
● Portrait of a Lady by Kenny Leoncito, Canada 
● Your Last Day on Earth by Marc Martinez Jordan, Spain 
● Look Twice by William Davis, USA 
● Cure All by Yu Gu, New Zealand 
● Nemesis by Behzad Jafari, Iran 

Eighteen (18) Asian short films ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ

● About My Mother by Yumi Otsuka, Japan 
● Arch-Rival by Liu Qiang, China 
● Blue Sides on the Blue Sky – Rachmat Mustamin, Indonesia 
● The Darkness by Lim Heng, Cambodia 
● Hawa by Tan Ce Ding, Malaysia 
● Hamster Wheel by Azeez Danial, Brunei 
● Kingdom by Tan Wei Keong, Singapore 
● Life of Death by Jason Kiantoro & Bryan Arfyandi, Indonesia 
● Qinglang de Tiankong by Thamsatid Charoenrittichai, Thailand 
● Return by Kim Hwigeun, Korea/Japan 
● Llop Mougn by Oktivani Anggia Rachmalitta, Indonesia 
● A Room With a Coconut View by Tulapop Saenjaroen, Thailand 
● Summer Behind the Door by He Qiuyao & Hu Yinghai, China 
● Trapped Ghost by Hanny Hsieh, Taiwan 
● It’s Easier to Raise Cattle by Amanda Nell Eu, Malaysia 
● The Vanishing Children by Abdul Zainidi, Brunei 
● Eye Test by Sudha Padmaja Franci, India 
● Overtime – Jamie Kassler, Japan 

Thirteen (13) short films from all over the Philippines 

● Anong Nangyari Kay Andrew Magsilang? by Neo Bryce Largo, Cris John David Manero, and Ivan Romar Cabanial, Panabo 
● Almusal (Breakfast: The Three Siblings) by Jaime Morados, Laguna 
● Mata by Rachel Dolor, Ozamiz 
● Siglo by Kwesi M. Junsan, QC/Koronadal 
● Alas Tres by Mjay Makiling, Davao 
● Si Tinay kag ang Tamawo by Georgia Elardo, Bacolod 
● Of Beings and Deceit by Juan Carlo Tarobal, Manila 
● Victoriana by Chloe Capatoy, Cebu 
● Saop by Julienne Ilagan, Cagayan de Oro 
● Bulak Alaot (The Visits) by Aphrodite Bjork Colao, Iligan 
● The Best Employee by Alyssa Ashley Manugas, Cebu 
● Wire Grass by Anelia Gelvero & Mark Joseph Perez, Iloilo 
● A Mother's Love by Lyka Angelica Trinidad / Jenella Todoc, Manila 

Exhibition short films ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ

● Sins Senses Saints by Hiyas Baldemor Bagabaldo, Philippines 
● Lunar Dial by Gao Yuan, China 
● Bomba by Chino De Vera, Philippines 
● 14 by Nabutaka Shimoda, Japan 
● Superbarbara: The Beginning by Boonsri Tangtrongsin, Thailand 

Ten (10) Ngilngig Films from the Camp 

● Pamalugu (In Limbo) by RAM Botero (Nabunturan)
● Condolence by Neo Bryce (Panabo)
● Lab Rats by Ric, IV R. Bunghanoy (Bukidnon)
● Baruganan by Angelo Dabbay (Cagayan de Oro)
● Lazaro’s Trip by Joy Dalman (Iligan)
● Mangungukoy by Gian Vincent Gregorio (Bukidnon)
● Ghetto Ride by Jam Molao (Davao/Kidapawan)
● OctoGod by Shievar Olegario (Davao)
● Touch Me Not by John Marco Pitlo (Davao)
● Hinulsol by James Villegas (Davao)

The Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival Davao 2019 is organized by Pasalidahay with Balud Art Network, Micromedia Digital Video Productions, Timewrap Film Productions and The Panagtagbo in partnership with the Film Development Council of the Philippines, Green Windows Dormitel, Hager Travel & Tours and Cinedashery. The festival is also co-organized by Holodeck Productions, Road Map Series, PUKAW, Track, and Davao Graphic Designers Community.

For more information about the films, schedule and ticket reservations, please visit

[article written by Maria Isabel A. Elizaga]