Hyu1 Project collaborates with Sitio Kule


The Hyu1 Project

Tboli South Cotabato – The Hyu1 Project collaborates with Sitio Kule on selling souvenir items to the tourists and guests of the famous Lake Holon. A big portion of the sales will go directly to Sitio Kule. The money that they will get from selling souvenir items would serve as their fund for their community projects.

The ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing was conducted on May 28, 2021, at Sitio Kule Barangay Salacafe, with the Hyu1 Project staff, headed by Mizpah Sunshine Ming, and Sitio Kule community, headed by Sitio Leader Herman Muan.

“We hope that our partnership will create opportunities not only for Sitio Kule but also for other neighboring sitios. With this kind of community initiative, we hope that the local artisans of the town will be recognized and their work will be promoted,” said Mizpah.

“With this partnership, we hope that Sitio Kule will build a network and appreciate the value of social entrepreneurship. The Hyu1 Project is committed to help Sitio Kule to have access to additional livelihood income-generating activities that will help them to become a self-sufficient community in the future,” she added.

Sitio Kule is recognized as a model for community-based tourism in the Philippines. Through their bayanihan system, they became an empowered community.

Hyu1 Project Souvenir Shop sells souvenir items in the Municipality of Tboli. It specializes in specially made souvenir items ranging from dry-fit shirts to Tboli crafts produced by local artisans.

The Hyu1 Project incorporates a social entrepreneurship concept that helps uplift Tboli communities. It caters primarily to tourists who visit the top destinations of the town. The shop’s brand identity highlights sustainable development and community empowerment. It is committed to help the Tboli communities to improve their skills and to have a sustainable livelihood, anchored in community-based tourism.

Aside from Sitio Kule, the Hyu1 Projects will soon have its mobile satellite souvenir shops in other tourism destinations of Tboli.



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The Hyu1 Project