Tboli town receives armchairs from Dolefil


Tboli town receives armchairs from Dolefil

LGU Tboli received 50 armchairs from Dole Philippines Inc. and Mahintana Foundation Inc. The turnover ceremony was conducted on July 6, 2021, at an open court within the municipal ground area. The Salacafe Elementary School (Blo Extension) was the beneficiary of these armchairs.

Dolefil, through Mahintana Foundation, donated these armchairs as part of their Chairs-for-Trees program under the Community Reciprocating Action Project. It aims to help increase the number of chairs and tables in most schools of Region 12 and at the same time inculcate the importance of environmental protection and sustainability.

“This is a good help to us. These chairs will be distributed to Sitio Blo. It is one of the far-flung communities of Tboli. We will always treasure in our hearts the assistance given to us by Dolefil and Mahintana Foundation,” said Mayor Dibu Tuan.

“The future of our planet and any community lies in our children. If we do not put investment, time, and effort into helping our children to be more successful. We are not really looking into the future,” said Nicholaos Yiannakis, Vice President and Managing Director of Dolefil.

The Unified Engineering and Manpower Services Multi-Purpose Cooperative is in charge of making these chairs. The wood that they use to make chairs is from the company's recycled wooden pallets. In addition, because Dolefil helps protect the environment, the beneficiaries are required to plant and grow trees. It will be used for making another batch of armchairs when these trees mature. The Mahintana Foundation provides propagule to the beneficiaries.

Dolefil Chairs-for-Trees

This initiative is part of Mahintana Foundation’s community development project. They give armchairs to deserving schools in the region. In return, the school and community will plant fruit or forest trees to inculcate to the young people the concept of environmental awareness and protection.

“The school is responsible for planting the trees. It should have an 80% survival rate. The Mahintana Foundation will monitor and evaluate the school for 2 years,” said Liza D. Hora, Executive Director of Mahintana Foundation.

“It is a big help for the students situated in the far-flung areas. Despite their hardship in life, they still received a good blessing just like this project,” said Kervee Jastien Aberde, the Teacher-in-Charge in Blo Elementary School Extension.

Dolefil and Mahintana Foundation also gave another 50 armchairs to Kule Elementary School, in Sitio Kule, Barangay Salacafe on July 21, 2021. Representatives from Dolefil and Mahintana Foundation, sitio officials, teachers, and other locals from the community attended the event.