DavSur travel and trade expo supports MSMEs


DavSur travel and trade expo supports MSMEs

In celebration of World Tourism Month, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) - Davao del Sur in partnership with the provincial government through its Provincial Tourism Office conducts the Davao del Sur Travel and Trade Expo on September 21-30, 2021 via Mindanao Trade Expo website.

The online travel and trade expo is a virtual promotional event that highlights the best of Davao del Sur in terms of tourism destinations and local products. It aims to provide a venue for all travel and trade Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the province to regain their business confidence and local patronage in this time of the pandemic.

“The Provincial Tourism Office is helping DTI on promoting our local products since it is part of the tourism value chain. A tourist’s experience would not be completed without souvenirs, food, accommodation, and other tourism-related products,” Kervin Joseph Elijay, the Supervising Tourism Operations Officer of the province of Davao del Sur said.

“On the other hand, DTI is continuously assisting the MSMEs to upgrade their business and support local products for promotion and marketing,” he added. 

This year’s World Tourism Month has its theme “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”. In line with its theme, the event shall serve as an avenue to promote equal economic growth opportunities for both locally produced and tourism products as major offerings of the communities in Davao del Sur.

This expo has two main components. The first part is trade, which highlights the local products of the province. The second part is tourism, which showcases the top tourism destinations and activities. It is hosted via the official website of Mindanao Trade Expo Foundation, Inc. 

Other activities include a series of online events via Facebook live and webinars to capacitate several tourism stakeholders in the province.

The economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt in all sectors including the tourism industry. Through this event, they hope that it could serve as a kick-start for the recovery of the tourism sector of the province.

“The provincial government together with our partners aims to rebuild the trust and confidence of our tourism stakeholders. We work together to continue the tourism industry and sustain the livelihood of the communities relying on it,” he said.

The online event is also in collaboration with the Philippine Information Agency XI, the Department of Tourism XI, and the Mindanao Trade Expo Foundation, Inc.