A special project for the couple in Lambangan


Mark Kim Tangcala and the couple

Whenever Marl Kim Tangcala and his team passed by Barangay Lambangan, in Tboli South Cotabato, he cannot help but notice an intellectually disabled couple who likes to hang out outside of their house. He was wondering how the couple did start their relationship and why they decided to live together. Out of a desire to help, Kim made a simple case study to know and assess their living condition.

Through the initiative of Tboli Responders (under Tboli MDRRMO) and Mafoko 25 they were able to help this couple. The team provided construction materials and help built a simple mini house to provide the couple a decent housing. The family of the couple did not expect this kind of help that Kim and his team initiated. They were overwhelmed and thankful for this project.

“I hope this project would inspire others to help those in need – whether you are alone or with a group. If you have the capacity to extend help, just do it without hesitation. It is good if many would initiate community projects,” Kim said.